Pete’s General leaves the historic Uptown district of St. Petersburg.

The local bagel store will close on November 6 after nearly three years at 495 7th Ave. N, Pete’s general owner Steven Peterman told the Tampa Bay Times.

Originally it opened as a general store featuring local produce in April 2019. When it added bagels to the menu, the bakery gained popularity and became the mainstay of the store.

Pete’s General eventually outgrown his Uptown kitchen, Peterman said. The bakery couldn’t make more bagels than the size of the fridge and oven allowed.

“If we ever wanted to grow, we couldn’t do it from this kitchen,” he said.

The plan is to move everything from the Uptown location to the new Pete’s General which opened in June in the Grand Central District, Peterman said. The newer and larger bakery is in a renovated building and can produce more bagels than the original store.

Peterman said the small staff are spreading too thinly between the two locations. While not the main reason for the shutdown, he said the continuing labor shortage was factored into the decision.

“We wanted to deliver the best possible product and we believe we can do it from one place,” said Peterman.

In the new bakery, Peterman hopes to continue to expand. A new “take out” lunch menu will be added. The same will be true for an express cash register to reduce checkout times. Store opening hours will be extended in a few weeks, from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“It’s something that we’re really passionate about,” said Peterman. “We hope to welcome people who see long lines and don’t come and make it a smoother experience to make the best bagels we can make.”

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