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Now you can also have food late at night


The nighttime food courts set up on Grand Trunk Road, the old national highway crossing the city and connecting the city roads with the national highway to Chennai and the national highway to Hyderabad, have captured the popular imagination.

Guntur, a well-known shopping and trading center, is frequented by traders and vegetable vendors who bring their produce to sell to local distributors.

It is common to see farmers entering the city, as the bustling city barely fell asleep.

So, food is always valuable to find at odd hours and except for a few outlets near the bus station, train station, fresh food is not available.

Decision welcomed

“We welcome the decision to open night food courts. It will help the travelers and some of the students preparing for the competitions, ”says Girish, an aspirant of the competitions.

From now on, the food courts, installed at the bustling crossroads of the market, are ready to satisfy the hunger of travelers, thanks to an initiative of the urban police of Guntur.

Food stalls offer everything on a platter – from hot kichidi, pulav to idly and dosa to a variety of bajjis, ice cream, and more.

“We see that street food stands are setting up everywhere and that in the absence of regulations, vendors roam the city all night. There have been a few instances of public order issues so we have decided to follow Vijayawada’s model and allow vendors to open food courts which will be open from 11pm to 1.30am. There will also be a police patrol team. The food stalls have been set up on an experimental basis and we will follow by drafting a series of regulations, ”said Police Superintendent Guntur Urban, PHD Ramakrishna.

Identity cards

On Tuesday evening, the SP and its officers toured the food stalls. Police plan to give vendors ID cards, a raffle to allow vendors to set up rotational stalls and regulate traffic.

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Grab food delivery people can apply for an electric scooter exchange grant starting Friday


A GrabFood delivery boy on an electric scooter seen along Jurong East Street 21 on November 5, 2019 (PHOTO: Dhany Osman / Yahoo News Singapore)

SINGAPORE – The process to apply for Grab’s food delivery workers for a $ 7 million grant to switch their electric scooters to other transportation devices will begin on Friday (November 15).

GrabFood said in a statement on Tuesday that the outcome of applications for the electric scooter trade-in grant will be known within two business days of their submission to the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

After approval by the LTA, Grab will notify affected cyclists to complete their purchase of Electrically Assisted Bicycles (PABs), Bicycles or Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs).

The food delivery service provider revealed more details about the grant, which was announced by the Department of Transportation last Friday. It comes after the government announced a ban on the use of electric scooters on sidewalks from last Tuesday.

The cost of the grant will be split equally between LTA and GrabFood, Deliveroo and Foodpanda.

Cyclists who trade in their LTA registered electric scooters will receive a grant of up to $ 1,000 for a PAB or $ 600 for a bicycle.

Mobility impaired deliverers who are eligible to use PMAs and wish to continue working for their business will receive a grant of up to $ 1,000.

For GrabFood runners using the grant, they must complete at least one trip within the last 30 days, or October 9 through November 7, to be eligible for the grant.

Five partners for electric bikes, bicycles

Meanwhile, GrabFood said it has secured preferential purchase and rental rates for e-bikes and bikes for its cyclists and has signed five partners: SGBike, WarehouseSG, My Bike Shop, Hello Bicycle and Cannasia.

It has also obtained preferential motorcycle rental rates for its drivers through its partners Pyro Leasing and GP Motoring.

Yahoo News Singapore has contacted Deliveroo and Foodpanda for comment.

The ban, announced by Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min in Parliament last Monday, sparked backlash in Singapore, including from internet users, food delivery people, food delivery companies, personal mobility device retailers and sharing operators.

GrabFood said last Monday that customers may have to wait longer for their orders. Rivals Deliveroo and Foodpanda have said separately that they do not expect a significant impact from the ban.

Food deliverers who use electric scooters have expressed concerns about the threat to their livelihoods due to the ban. A number of them met with their MPs, including Lam, to discuss the issue.

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Five of the best places to grab food in Derry


Ireland’s last walled city is a place to visit.

There is a lot to do but more importantly there are places to eat. I had the chance to try a few places on a recent visit and there are a lot of options.

Here are my findings:

1) Pyke N Apples

I do not know what to say. Unbelievable.

This small street food truck located on the quays is a must visit.

They serve some of the nicest tacos I have ever tried in my life and you can eat them on an old bus. I went for the fish taco and the chicken one and wow.

2) the sooty olive

Now here’s a touch of class.

This gourmet joint is not to be missed. Check out this Scottish pork belly and black pudding egg – unreal.

3) Brewery of the walled city

Something a little different when you head to a brewery here.

Check out the different beers these guys make, but also savor some of their delicious food.

4) Primrose Coffee

Ideal for breakfast or brunch.

With two addresses to choose from, these stylish little cafes are the perfect place to start the day.

5) Ship dock

This charming hotel is an ideal place to stay. It is located in the heart of the city and also serves good food.

They also offer pre-theater menus for the perfect date.

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Where to get food near the Capitol Theater


Purchased tickets for a concert or other performance at Port Chester Capitol Theater? For those of you who are used to planning dinner by arriving at your evening’s entertainment, then pulling out your phone to frantically check out what’s open nearby, here’s a well-organized itinerary to make sure no one in. your group is not hungry Where think too much about where to eat.

1. Get off the Metro-North at Port Chester station.

I know what you think. “I am already in Westchester, why am I not driving? ” Here’s why:

Photo by Julie Webel, courtesy of Village Beer Garden

  1. Village beer garden. Located right next to the historic slopes is a classic German-style beer garden! Grab a pint or cocktail before dinner to start your evening. Not in German?

  2. … So try McShane’s for a classic Irish pub. All of your OldWorld favorites, with the added bonus of whiskey that pairs pretty well with most rock & roll subgenres. (We recommend anything punk.)

  3. Do you want to do the new school? Rye houseis an old classics gastropubtweaking with fun new twists. Examples include grilled cheese with truffle and Korean fried chicken!

2. We lied; you have to think about a little. For a sit-down meal, try:

  1. Coalshas some of the best pizza on the market, and toasting it gives it that extra touch that’s hard to find. Still, it’s not a one-note joint – their traditional grilled bison wings were named the # 1 choice by fans at our very first Wingfest last year!

  2. If seafood is more your thing, there ain’t no beating Saltaire. This oyster bar on the shores of a cove in Long Island Sound offers fresh seafood and great drinks. They’re also perfect for parties and private events, making them a great choice for pre-show festivities.

  3. For Italian, go to Lodge Tarry. A traditional trattoria, this place is like a New York secret given the leeway that is simply not available on Manhattan Island. The pizzas, pasta, fish and meat are all impeccably prepared and will leave you full and happy, just like grandma intended.

  4. bartaco is a must for everyone at least once (but probably more). Overlooking the waterfront, the bartaco serves delicious tacos and Mexican fare, as well as sinful desserts. Other mouthwatering taco joints includeElTioandTaqueriaLaPicardie,both well known.

  5. If you’re in the mood for steak (and a lot), Copacabana Steakhouse is an all-you-can-eat business specializing in rodizio, slowly roasted meat cut directly to your table. But if that seems a little too intimidating before the showBrazil coffee is just a few doors down, serving lighter fare all day.

  6. Panka offers a similar approach to Peruvian cuisine, whileAqui es Santa Fedoes the same for Colombian.

  7. It’s also a little more practice, but Arganis a dynamite Moroccan restaurant and bar that is well worth a short cab ride.

  8. For dessert, avoid sitting early and knocking Neri’s bakery before closing and grabbing something sweet to munch on as you make your way to the theater.

3. Take a walk to the theater.

Westchester Ave., just between Broad Street and North Pearl Street. You can’t miss it.Enjoy your entertainment for the evening, but be sure to stop by Garcia’s, the lobby bar, and raising a top to the namesake and rock legend Jerry Garcia.

Photo by John Wisdom, courtesy of Garcia at the Capitol Theater

4. Late night snack at Hubba’s.

Before you go home, you are legally required to throw yourself into that proud grease scoop. Most of the dishes are based on chili and are perfect to top off a night of fun. We recommend a classic chili cheese dog with “Hubba Water” (tap water with just a touch of Hawaiian punch).

5. Go home.

If there’s time until your train home, maybe have a nightcap at the Beer Garden. After all, you are already the; it would be silly not to do it while you wait.

â € ‹

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In Amazon’s futuristic new grocery store, just grab some food from the shelves and go


Jeff Bezos and Amazon are starting over. This time it’s not books, and it’s not drones. They are reinventing grocery stores.

Take advantage of technology similar to self-driving cars, Amazon Go just opened the doors of its first cashless, cashless, skip-the-line grocery store in Seattle. Amazon calls it “just get out of tech.”

Four years ago, Amazon decided to tackle an everyday problem. The most time-consuming aspect of grocery shopping is often the wait for the checkout. Even with automatic kiosks, the queues can be brutal. There’s always that person right in front of you who can’t figure out how to scan an egg carton.

What if you could grab what you need from the grocery store shelves and just walk out? This is exactly the concept Amazon is testing with this 1,800 square foot grocery store.

This is how it works. Customers scan the Go app when they enter the store, which opens their virtual shopping cart. Then super smart technology tracks the items each customer pulls off the shelves. They won’t be charged if they pick up an item but ultimately decide not to buy. All they have to do is put it back. Sensors in the shelves will detect that the item has been replaced. A combination of computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning allows customers to simply grab what they want and leave the store. Amazon automatically charges their accounts for what they take out. A detailed receipt is sent to their phone.

The Go shelves are currently stocked with ready-to-eat meals; basic foods like milk, bread and cheese; and Amazon Meal Kits, launched last spring. For starters, purchasing privileges are limited to employees as Amazon is testing the concept in action. The company plans to open the store to the public in early 2017.

Although the checkout process does not require human staff, humans prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that are stored on the shelves in the grocery store. And clearly, humans have designed, built, coded and tested the technology that makes the Go shopping concept work. As this redesigned grocery store of the future grows and expands to other markets, Amazon has taken one step closer to full global dominance by integrating technology into IRL shopping experiences.

The opinions expressed here by the columnists of Inc.com are theirs and not those of Inc.com.

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Where to grab food and drink along the Spanish Town Parade route


Where to grab food and drink along the Spanish Town Parade route

If you manage to score a good place by the side of the street for the Spanish city Mardi Gras parade this Saturday, we know there’s no way you’ll be giving up that prime real estate to grab a po-boy or a daiquiri. Crowds of thousands mean that ditching your station to walk a few blocks for a beer can cost you your chance to grab those high-quality pearls. So what must a hungry party animal do?

We scoured downtown looking for some great food and drink available without ever leaving the parade route, so you don’t have to risk missing out on the best throws. The options are ordered from start to finish of the route, so pair one up for you and devour accordingly. Check out the map below to help you build a game plan.

Spanish town market

At the corner of: Spanish Town Road and Seventh Street
Perfect for: Refuel in the neighborhood

Tucked away in the residential area of ​​Spanish Town, the Spanish Town Market will be open and serve food from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. go on with your day. Be warned: the store sets up a bounded queue that starts outside in anticipation of the crowds.

Main street market

At the corner of: Fifth Street and Main Street
Perfect for: Fight the hangover of tomorrow

Slip into the North Street entrance to shop for lighter fare at one of the Main Street Market stalls. Vendors like Go Ya Ya’s Crêperie, FRESH Salads & Wraps and Our Daily Bread will prepare breakfast and lunch in the early afternoon, filled with fresh ingredients to help your body manage your day of debauchery.

PJ’s Coffee

At the corner of: Rue Lafayette and Rue des Conventions
Perfect for: Start your morning

To fuel up before the big parade, grab a King Cake coffee and a bite of PJ’s pastry. Extra Bonus: Capital City Grill is attached, which means more filling brunch options if you’re still hungry.

King bar and bistro

At the corner of: Lafayette Street and Convention Street (inside the Indigo Hotel)
Perfect for: A freshly prepared menu

A new chef and specially cultivated ingredients have revamped Hotel Indigo’s dining options, and its cocktail and culinary offerings are better than ever. If you fancy trying something new before the festivities begin, head to the King Bar & Bistro.

The Kingfish Grill & Lounge

At the corner of: Lafayette Street and Convention Street (inside the Hilton Capitol Center)
Perfect for: A chic change of scenery

For something a little more upscale than the chicken wings in your tailgate, stop by the Hilton Capitol Center for cocktails, applications, and savory platters. Partying too loud? Just book a room and go upstairs at the end of the day.

The blue room

At the corner of: Rue Lafayette and Rue des Conventions
Perfect for: Enjoy live music

Starting at noon, The Blues Room will host two groups for live performances to sweeten your Spanish Town experience with a soft Baton Rouge blues. Have a drink and enjoy the spectacle between the tanks.

Poor Lloyd’s Boy

At the corner of: Florida Street and Lafayette Street
Perfect for: Complete your traditional Mardi Gras with Louisiana cuisine

If it’s good enough for the president, it’s good enough for you and your drunken friends who need carbs to soak up all that alcohol. Perfect your pearl, liquor and poboy Mardi Gras trifecta with authentic Cajun soul food from this shop.

Mexican cuisine Aztecas

At the corner of: Rue Principale and Rue Lafayette
Perfect for: Queso and margaritas

At the very end of the course, setting up outside the Aztecas gives you the strategic advantage of catching all the last throws of each tank arriving at the end of the parade. Step inside for a hot second to grab one of their fruit infused margs and a bowl of queso.

Bald eagle pub

At the corner of: Rue Principale and Rue Lafayette
Perfect for: Cheap drinks and escape the crowds

If you’ve never been to Bald Eagle Pub before, it’s probably because they’re a bit underground, literally. Nestled beneath the Aztecas, this diving basement offers a wide range of bottled beers and a respectable spirits menu.

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Thousands of Cards fans grab supplies and tickets before heading to Notre-Dame

Doug Dearen (Source: WAVE 3 News)
JT Burden (Source: WAVE 3 News)
JT Burden (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Kristina Fehr (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Kristina Fehr (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Thousands of University of Louisville fans will make the pilgrimage to South Bend as the Cardinals take on Notre Dame for the first time. A local travel and travel agency carries three loads of buses.

The game is considered sold out, but there are still tickets you can get starting at $ 26.

will still have tickets on sale until Saturday, November 22. Their buses are full, however, as they prepare to hit the road early.

“Everyone said, if I get the chance, I’m going to Notre Dame, are you going to take a trip,” said

President Doug Dearen.

It’s a three-year journey for Dearen. 12 years ago his business started selling mainly Derby packages, but over the years it has evolved to include sports fan experiences.

Three bus loads will transport 135 Cards fans to the University of Notre Dame.

“Just getting on and back made it really easy for our people to include ticket transportation and we have a pretty good tailgate once we get to South Bend,” Dearen said.

The $ 200 price includes the game, bus ride, and tailgate.

“No worries and you can go to a once in a lifetime place and see one of the most sacred grounds in college football and see our college play against them is unique,” ​​Dearen said.

Inside the neutral zone on Blankenbaker Parkway, fans were preparing to head north, especially with rain forecast.

“I’m here to buy a poncho,” said JT Burden, who is traveling to South Bend.

Even the weather couldn’t bring them down on the eve of a game like this. “I’m super excited, this is the kind of game you circle on the schedule and say if I want to pick a game to go this year, this is a road game, this is the one I want to go to.” , said Burden.

“The second the program came out, I was ready to go to South Bend,” said Kristina Fehr, who leaves for Notre Dame on Friday night.

They all hope that Cardinal’s loyalists will be able to help the team achieve victory.

“I think they’re going to be ready to play, they’re sort of healthy at the right time, they’re hitting full blast, so I think we have a good chance of going out there and winning,” a Burden said.

If you’re planning on hitting the road, the Indiana Department of Transportation is warning drivers to be prepared for long delays south of Indianapolis on I-65 for repairs and layouts scheduled to begin this weekend. end.

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