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Manu’s Grab Bag: another


It finally happened.

I really never thought that Juve would be in this place, not this Juve, not a Juventus with Cristiano Ronaldo in its ranks. But it happened, and the fact that it coincided with the Mole Derby was the last detail of something I never thought I’d see.

(Okay, the Derby della Molle is probably the least important Derby Juve has for non-Turin-based fans, but still … it’s a Derby!)

But in Saturday’s 2-2 draw, Juventus were left off the TV schedule and their game only aired on the ESPN app for Latin America. The horror, the ignominy! For those of you who don’t know, ESPN Deportes owns the rights to broadcast Serie A in Latin America. They typically broadcast the top two or three matches of the week on ESPN’s main stream, while showing other less appealing matches on the app. Since the start of the season, every Juve game has been shown on the main channel, even if they were playing the minnows, you could bet on the Bianconeri have the first place on television.

(Usually accompanied by either the best game of the week, a Napoli game due to Hirving Lozano’s bump or a game featuring Milan /Rome clubs.)

But this weekend, the featured matches were Inter-Bolonia and Napoli-Crotone. Oddly enough, however, because of this bump, the game was announced by Andres Agulla and Ricky Ortiz, hands down the two best Latin American announcers in Italian football who for some reason were fired from the main games for failing. only appear on streaming games. app and for American broadcast. It was a pleasant surprise as their announcement work is by far what I appreciated the most in Saturday’s game.

(Agulla, in particular, is a knowledgeable and engaging personality and one to follow on Twitter if you speak Spanish. He usually tweets about the game he’s watching at all times, so it’s a nice surprise when you watch the same game. It’s a better surprise when this match is a Puebla FC match and even better when it gives praise our way for their style of play. Come on the pod to chat, Andres.)

To be honest I’m just doing my best not to talk about the real game, it was bad. We don’t need to do too much, but I guess we will.

Let’s cook.

Winner: Federico Chiesa

If you force me to make a decision I would say he has been Juventus’ best player this season. My own MVP ranking has Cristiano Ronaldo as the clubhouse leader and since we don’t give points for draws or losses this will remain so despite Chiesa’s performance on Saturday.

Still, I’m pretty sure if I go back and reread all the articles when Juve were performing poorly, Chiesa is still the only bright spot in the squad. Sometimes it seems like he’s the only one who cares and has the skills to fulfill the desire.

We could discuss the current board’s history of transfer successes, but Chiesa looks like one of those we’ll be talking about as a huge hit in the years to come.

Loser: Dejan Kulusevski

On the other side of the spectrum of good and bad transfers, we have to talk about Dejan.

It’s no secret to anyone who has watched Juventus with any regularity that the young Swede struggled mightily in his debut season with the champions. Saturday was just one step up from the old belt for Kulu when it comes to poor performance.

We can talk as much as we want about how he’s played out of position and he’s young and all the usual caveats. They are not without merit, he was put in a position of failure, there is no doubt. But he went beyond just being a little bad to the detriment of the team, as it was his sloppy back pass that led to Turin’s go-ahead score. And, at some point, you either sink or swim – and it most certainly sank.

It’s also worth mentioning that of all incoming transfers for this season, only Kulu and Arthur were made prior to the appointment of Andrea Pirlo. Which means they were made with Maurizio Sarri as a manager in mind. This is not nothing, in my opinion, because if we are 100% honest with ourselves, Kulusevski does not make sense in Pirlo’s system.

His failure this season is only compiled by the fact that the other three transfers made after Pirlo’s appointment – Chiesa, Alvaro Morata and Weston McKennie – have at one point or another during the season been key to the squad. .

It’s far too early to call Kulu’s move to Juve a failure or to imply that he might not have a place in the squad for next year. But I have no doubts that when the list of the biggest disappointments of the end of the year is released, Kulu will be there as a right winger… or second striker or winger or wherever they line him up next.

It’s party time!

In the Bingo card of “Disastrous seasons” Juventus still lacked “Weird incident off the field” square, so I was very amused when they finally ticked this one off in preparation for Saturday’s game thanks to the aforementioned McKennie, Arthur and Paulo Dybala shenanigans.

It’s a silly story that gets more and more silly as more and more details emerge. Was it a party? Was it a low-key dinner like it was alleged by Dybala’s girlfriend? How many people were there? Who were the other three supposed players who were also there but left before the police were called to break up the party?

The best thing that comes out of this whole story is probably the quotes from the neighbor who called the cops on McKennie’s property.

“I support Juventus which is why I’m sorry, but maybe they should attend fewer parties and focus more on the pitch.”

Phew, it’s cold.

“I don’t think a famous footballer is above the law. I went out at 10:30 p.m. to walk the dog, and saw a line of cars inside the doors [of McKennie’s property], “

At 10:30 p.m.! These guys got in trouble for throwing a party that ended before midnight! I know none of these guys probably had a normal college experience because of their pro football efforts, but this whole party smacks of the moment you got arrested for drinking in the dorms and disrespecting the rules. quiet hours.

Look, we can call it that. These are guys in their mid-twenties, McKennie and Dybala already had COVID-19 and Arthur is not what you would call an example of balanced decision making. It was a short sighted idea and they were arrested for doing something that was probably irresponsible.

If the club want to give them a one-game suspension as a face-saving measure in a lost season, that’s fine with me. But let’s not act like they’re the only ones breaking the COVID-19 protocol. How was Dubai, man?

The only reason it has become such a big story is because the team loses and when a team loses, it all gets bigger. They will get their flogging in the media, suffer no real consequences, and be on their way. Just another bad time in a season filled with them.

Loser: Wojciech Szczesny

Tweets that precede unfortunate events.

What to watch instead: Ted Lasso

Let me be the last to praise the little show that could.

(A show can be an underdog when backed by a multi-billion dollar company, but still.)

Based on a series of commercials for NBC to promote their acquisition of the Premier League broadcast rights in the United States. In the commercials, Jason Sudeikis plays Ted Lasso, an American football coach hired to manage Tottenham Hotspur.

The commercial itself was pretty funny, but when the show was first announced, the general opinion was that it was a thin premise for sustaining an entire season of television. However, the end result is pretty awesome, Lasso is hired by fictional AFC Richmond, a struggling Premier League club led by Rebecca Welton, the dismissed ex-wife of former club owner Rupert Mannion. She hires Lasso to have the club relegated to get revenge on her ex-husband, which is a good way to solve the “Why would you hire an American football coach to lead your team?” “

If you’re a die-hard football fan, some of the stuff on the show won’t make too much sense, but it will win you over quickly with crisp, witty writing and a great performance from the entire cast. I guarantee you will get more pleasure from watching an episode of Ted Lasso than any Juve game for the rest of the year.

Starting shot of the week

There really isn’t much more to say about this.

Turin are a bad team who have struggled in the relegation zone for most of the year. Juve are expected to beat them, but apart from a brilliant streak at the start of January, this team has always been underwhelming and drop points to relegation fighters seem to be a common occurrence.

The long-awaited match against Napoli is looming next Wednesday. While some of us were hoping this game would be important to fight for the top of the table, now it looks like it will be important to stay alone in the top 4. Boy, is that depressing.

Forty-five days before the Coppa Italia final!

See you on Wednesday.

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1996 Stanley Cup Final fake .500 and top secret ESPN deal details – the Athletic



The NHL world is still sorting out the impact of last week’s bombshell: ESPN is back in the hockey game, with a seven-year, $ 2.8 billion TV deal that will kick off the season next.

The news is obviously huge for the league and for a result that was in desperate need of a boost. But what will this mean for the rest of us? Should fans be excited about the return of the world leader? What will change once the agreement comes into effect?

I asked my spies to check and report on what hockey fans can expect from the new TV deal, and they came back with several scoops.

Having a contract with ESPN will open up a world of hockey promotion and publicity opportunities, such as being occasionally mentioned on ESPN.

Streaming options that promise to revolutionize the way you don’t use Hulu.

In an effort to gain new fans, the NHL has promised to dramatically increase the number of points by letting each team get coached by Kris Knoblauch for a game or two.

No promises, but fingers crossed, we can finally get national TV coverage of the Blackhawks.

Bad news for the Predators’ second row, as out of habit ESPN will randomly shut down Granlund.

ESPN + will replace nhl.tv as the go-to source for the exciting NHL action that died out in your market tonight for some damn reason.

You realize you get older when you find that you no longer have the strength to push your car to the bench after hearing the opening few bars of the NHL theme song on ESPN, and you can instead only lift it off the ground.

From now on, anyone who loses the Bucci Overtime Challenge always gets a point for whatever reason.

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Manu’s Grab Bag: Super Subs


Once it was announced that Matthijs de Ligt had stopped in the warm-ups ahead of Tuesday’s game against Spezia, I legitimately thought about not watching the game.

It was already an exhausted, understaffed and overworked team trying to bounce back from an already deflating result just a few days ago. Now they were adding to that litany of woes by losing their top defender minutes before kick-off. What could I gain from watching such a disappointing spectacle?

And for the first 35 minutes or so it was pretty much as advertised, the team did little, played sloppy, and allowed a team from Spezia – cosplaying Napoli with their blue kits – to hang out and hang out. get some semi-dangerous chances on their goal.

Curiously, it was two figures criticized recently in the Juventus team who changed things in the second half. As Andrea Pirlo pulled off his replacements – not that he had a lot of options, but still – and much-maligned Federico Bernardeschi fueled the comeback that would ultimately lead to a comfortable 3-0 victory.

Let’s cook.

MVP: Alvaro Morata

It’s crazy how better this team is when Morata is on the pitch.

He’s undeniably in the vantage point of being the team’s only true natural striker, so there’s no way of knowing if Morata is really good at his job or just the only man with his skills. Either way, Pirlo’s setup and tactics look a lot smoother and more efficient when there is a real number 9 to help.

His absence is one of the many that have crippled Juventus in recent times, and while there are still names that make you believe at first glance that Juve can survive without him, the truth is he could be – with Arthur? – the most irreplaceable player on the team from a tactical point of view.

Good to see you again, Alvaro, I hope it is for a long time.

Finalist: Federico Bernardeschi – Super submarine Bernardeschi? His impact in the game has been just as immense as that of Morata in what was decidedly his best performance this season and possibly in years as a Juventus player. More on him in a second.

Leader of the season: Cristiano Ronaldo (12 points)

Redemption Tower

OK, yeah well, it was a different game, but still! I tried to have a good bouncing time from Bernardeschi for so long it had to happen eventually!

Seriously, it was such a great performance from a guy who was in desperate need of something like this. It’s no surprise that he has been disappointing overall after the high expectations his transfer raised in 2017. And while there have been flashes, Atletico Madrid’s second leg, anyone? – unless something drastically changes, his signature will not be seen in the most favorable light.

Does a terrific 30 minutes against Spezia change all that? Of course not, but if you wanted to at least be optimistic for the rest of the season, having a plugged Bernardeschi could certainly help a team that isn’t quite full of options on this side of the pitch.

I’m not sure if it’s a flash in the pan – odds are it is – but there was something a little different about her Tuesday night play. The pass from Federico Chiesa that led to the second goal was proof of that. How many times have we seen Bernardeschi take on a guy and dribble his way into the box like he’s been doing lately? At least the confidence is there, which it certainly wasn’t earlier in the year.

Speaking of lack of confidence.

Loser: Dejan Kulusevski

The usual caveats are in place.

He’s playing out of position, he’s 20, it’s only his second season as a pro and the pace of the season is most likely hurting his legs like everyone else in the squad.

It’s not fair to ask him to lead the line day in and day out at this point in his career.

With that out of the way, my god, Kulu looked rough on Tuesday. He was so hesitant. At least twice he’s received a ball in the box with good space for once the shot but instead of letting it rip he tries to dribble, set it up correctly, lose any advantage and block his shoot.

There is something wrong with Kulusevski right now and under ideal circumstances I would like him to take a break for a few games, get his legs back and place him as a late substitute in games where he can possibly. be find more space to counter attack opportunities.

Obviously, Juventus are far from in the ideal circumstances right now, so anything that has been happening with him recently will have to be sorted out on the pitch.

A legitimate moment, sunk or swim for the young Swede.

Winner: Andrea Pirlo

With so many injuries, he barely had enough players to complete his starting lineup.

However, he nailed his subs as they both played a huge role in securing the victory. There’s an argument to be made as to why he didn’t start Bernardeschi instead of Gianluca Frabotta, but that’s in retrospect after seeing Bernardeschi have the best performance of his season.

What was already hard work given the circumstances of his hire and the general weirdness of the season has become even more difficult given all the injuries that seem to never end for the team. Who knows how the season will end with so many big games to come, but with what he’s shown so far, I think Pirlo has what it takes to be a good coach for a long time.

Winner: Wojciech Szczęsny

First of all, he follows in the footsteps of the GOAT by releasing the outfield player kit, which has always been one of my favorite Gianluigi Buffon quirks. He should be a winner today for that alone as he was rarely tested by Spezia for the vast majority of the game.

However late in the game a penalty was – wrongly, in my opinion – awarded to Spezia. Now at this point the game is on the dying seconds, you have a three-goal lead. It doesn’t matter whether they score or not, the victory stays at home no matter what.

Still, to add the icing on the cake, he did the other thing that I love to see goalies do and that is to hold on until the last second during PKs.

I don’t have any evidence to back it up, but I still feel like goalies would be better served by holding the shot as many players now tend to shoot set shots easily once they surrender. count that the keeper has jumped one way or the other. I think it’s because keepers don’t want to look stupid for doing nothing if a shot is too fast I get it, but if the shot is in the right place there is very little you can do. do even if you are right guessing.

Anyway, good stuff from Woj all around.

Starting shot of the week

Decent victory for Juve who are now awaiting a well-rested Lazio side for their weekend game. Unless the Milanese clubs start dropping points – and soon – it was a win they needed, if only to keep pace and make sure they end up in the League spots. champions in case this potential Milan strangling job ever happens.

It will be interesting to see how Juve line up their next game as the decisive second leg against Porto is scheduled immediately following this game. They are still technically on the hunt and if you believe the players and the coach they still believe they can earn their 10e law Scudetto.

It’s up for debate, but whatever happens I just hope we don’t see a completely exhausted Juventus side by this time next week.

We see each other on Saturday.

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Lapid climbs to Grab, rescuing the food delivery men

Senator Lito Lapid seeks to protect food deliverers from Grab, Food Panda and other delivery services, saying it is “not fair and appropriate” to tax them financially due to false bookings and cancellations unjustified delivery orders. At Tuesday’s Senate Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship hearing on Tuesday, Lapid spoke about the need to protect food delivery drivers who fall prey to unreasonable customers who cancel confirmed orders or even fail to do so. not show up at the delivery address, despite the fact that the rider had already paid for the items ordered. Meanwhile, Senator Richard Gordon has suggested amendments to Senate Bill 2057, or the COVID-19 Vaccination Program Act 2021, to allow the purchase by international humanitarian organizations of vaccines in order to ensure that the most vulnerable can be vaccinated. Gordon wants the bill to include a provision stating that international organizations such as the Red Cross Movement, in particular the Philippine Red Cross, can procure vaccines for use from individuals who comply with the list. priorities. Lapid’s Senate Bill 1677, or the Food and Grocery Delivery Service Protection Act, describes deliverers of food and grocery delivery service applications as “the front lines that take the risk and continue to work and meet our needs during the quarantine and community lockdown. Macon Ramos-Araneta “Food and grocery delivery men play a crucial role in our day-to-day lives, especially during the current health crisis,” said Lapid. “As such, they are considered one of the most important frontline workers as they provide convenience and access to a large percentage of our population despite all the health and safety risks they face just for the sake of it. win their life.” Lapid’s measure aims to oblige service providers “to establish a compulsory reimbursement system for the cancellation of orders and for customers to present proof of identity and domicile”. The bill also provides that a customer who cancels their orders three times a month will face a maximum of six months in prison and a fine of 100,000 P. At the same hearing, the service provider of Food Panda Philippines said that since it started operating it has not reimbursed passengers to cover the amount of goods demanded by customers. Nicka Hosaka Grab told the committee chaired by Senator Koko Pimentel III that they had removed advance payments made by their riders in August 2020. They paid their riders who were experiencing this problem. According to Hosaka, Grab had a system before that once a “No show” was reported within an hour, they would refund the payments to their riders.

DISCLAIMER: Reader comments posted on this website are in no way endorsed by Manila Standard. Comments are the opinions of the readers of manilastandard.net exercising their right to free speech and do not necessarily represent or reflect the position or point of view of manilastandard.net. While reserving the right in this post to remove comments deemed offensive, indecent, or inconsistent with Manila Standard’s editorial standards, Manila Standard cannot be held responsible for any false information posted by readers in this comments section.

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Inside the handbag


If you had to abandon ship in a hurry, what would you need to stay alive?

Photo: RNLI / Nathan Williams

Imagine that. You take a leisurely cruise on your yacht when a fire breaks out. You can’t control it. We have to get out of there as quickly as possible. What should you grasp that could be the difference between survival and tragedy?

You may be familiar with this piece of equipment as a grab bag, ditch bag, or panic bag. Call it whatever you like, as long as you remember to bring it with you. On some trips, the rescue can take hours or even days. You must be able to survive until help arrives. A carry bag helps you do that – and can make your stay in a liferaft more bearable.

What is a handbag and why do you need it?

A purse is an essential part of the kit, stocked with emergency items and always ready to go.

“This is the only place where you can keep all the things you might need in an emergency,” says Jon Oxenham, RNLI Community Safety Product Manager.

He adds: “Bringing a carry bag is a good idea if you are cruising the coast from port to port, but it is essential if you are crossing the English Channel or beyond. It is a sensible thing to bring. , however short or long your trip is.

It’s important to think about what to do with your carry bag – if the worst should happen, you don’t want to be ill-prepared and ill-equipped.

What do you need to pack?

Nikki Curwen, an offshore sailor who finished the Mini Transat race in 2015, says: “What’s in your carry bag changes a lot depending on where you go and what you do. Your carry bag for a day trip around the Solent will be somewhat different than what you might have for going offshore or for a transatlantic crossing. ‘

Every handbag is different, as the contents depend on the type of trip you are taking, who is on board and your budget. However, all bags must include basic survival items (like food, clean water, things to warm you up), pencil case help you to be rescued (radio, flares, torch, whistle), medical supplies (first aid kit, personal medication) and navigation aids (GPS, maps).

Checklist of essentials:

  • White rockets
  • First aid kit
  • Knife (covered)
  • Red rockets
  • Seasickness tablets
  • Clothing (rather than a dry suit)
  • Portable VHF
  • Food
  • Signaling mirror
  • Torch (with spare batteries)
  • Drink water
  • Portable GPS (with spare batteries)
  • Whistle
  • Navigation maps

You may also want to consider adding these additional elements to the basics:

  • an EPIRB or PLB
  • dye markers
  • aluminum covers
  • liferaft repair kit, including clips, conduit
  • adhesive tape, repair pliers
  • your personal effects (photocopies of your ship’s documents, glasses, visas, passports, cash, keys and credit cards)
  • morale boosters, like cards and candy.
Your passport, keys, phone, glasses, and a pack of cards - things you might want to remember to put in your purse

Photo: RNLI / Nathan Williams

Remember to pack things like your passport, keys, phone, glasses, and a pack of cards in your carry bag.

Do RNLI lifeboats have carry bags on board?

“Our all-season lifeboats do it,” says Peter Gale, RNLI Lifeboat Trainer. “The Shannon-class lifeboat has a big yellow bag. Inside there are 15 white flares, 6 red flares to signal your position, 4 hand flares that you can use day and night, and seasickness tablets. There is also a portable VHF, torches and parachute flares, which you would take with you in case of an emergency.

Crew life jackets are equipped with a flared pocket and PLB, so these items are always on hand.

What should the bag be made of?

Your carry bag should be able to float and keep water out, preferably in a bright color like orange or yellow.

While you can buy purses, you can also use a redundant torch container. It’s lightweight, waterproof, and can float as long as it’s not overfilled. You may want to attach a floating line to your bag, so that it can float in the water but stay attached to the raft.

Another tip is to use a separate bag for food and drinking water, which should be updated more regularly than other items – remember to clearly label your bags.

A carry bag used by RNLI crews

Photo: RNLI / Nathan Williams

Even the lifeboat crews have handbags on board!

How much maintenance does it need?

You can’t just pack your carry bag and forget about it. Some content will need to rotate to stay up to date, such as medications, seasickness pills, water and food. Nikki Curwen says: “It is very important to check your kit and make sure it is in good working order, that the equipment is dry, in good condition, up to date and corrosion free.”

Jon Oxenham adds: “It has to be repacked for every different voyage you make – whether you pass through a port or sail to Barbuda.”

Where to keep it?

Jon Oxenham said: “It needs to be kept in an accessible location – as close to the companionway as possible without getting in the way. If you hit something and your boat starts to sink, you might only have a few minutes to get out.

Nikki Curwen, offshore sailor

Nikki Curwen, offshore racer

“My handbag”

We spoke to Nikki Curwen about her 2015 Mini Transat race: “As part of the class rules, we had to carry a survival container on board – that was our carry bag. We were potentially a few days away from help, in the middle of an ocean, so that was pretty big. Inside the survival container were:

  • a knife
  • a signaling mirror
  • a waterproof torch
  • fishing gear
  • six parachute flares
  • four red flares
  • two floating smoke signals
  • a portable VHF (waterproof)
  • a survival blanket
  • three glow sticks
  • a marine coloring marker
  • two tubes of sunscreen
  • 500g of survival food (per person).

“We also had to carry a 9L can of survival water, in a 10L can so that it floats. And I added seasickness pills, GPS, and a Bounty candy bar! ‘

Want to know more before you get in the water? Learn more about powerboats and yachts on our safety pages.

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Manu’s Grab Bag: Don’t look now


Thank goodness for the magic of the replays.

I’ll face it: I did my best to wake up at 5.30am on Lord’s Day to see Juventus. Especially after Saturday’s results, this week’s game against modest Bologna could be of key importance in a newly interesting title race.

So I set my alarm clock and went to bed with the full intention of watching the Bianconeri live. Once it rang, however, I pressed the stop button on that alarm so quickly and with such anger that for a moment I feared I might have inflicted internal damage on the thing. So like I said, thank goodness for the reruns.

(Shout out to our EIC Danny for watching it live in an earlier time zone, though! You’re a tougher man than I am, my friend.)

However, in the unlikely scenario I had woken up, I would have been surprisingly happy with Juventus’ overall performance. It was a no-frills, no drama win for the reigning champions and a win they could have put to bed much sooner with a better finish.

Let’s cook.

MVP: Weston McKennie

Look at this guy.

What an absolute jerk.


More on him in a second.

Runner-up: Arthur – Maybe it was unreasonable to expect him to hit the ground running after his transfer from FC Barcelona? I don’t know if this is lasting or real in any way, but he has had his best performances of the season in the past two weeks.

Leader of the season: Cristiano Ronaldo (8 points)

Lone Star Wizard

I had no idea who Weston McKennie was before he came to Juventus. To be fair with me, why would I do it? I don’t keep an eye on where the US internationals play on a daily basis, and his former club Schalke has been a disaster in the Bundesliga.

When his signing was announced, the most optimistic of us – Hi, Hunter! – thought he was a nice, deep play and a relatively risk-free bet on the young Texan to develop. I remember thinking at the time that he might actually play more than he expected just because the midfielder was changing and he came to Italy with a reputation as a Swiss army knife type player. .

Here is what I wrote about it in my Power Ranking column before the season:

It might not look like it at first instance […] but there is a scenario where McKennie ends up playing heavy, heavy minutes in his first season as Bianconero. […] We know he brings a lot of positional flexibility and was a jack of all trades last season with Schalke. I’m just saying, don’t be shocked if we look back over the season and realize he’s had a lot more appearances than you might think.

Like I said, at best a good depth coin and at worst a safe, flawless deal if he ended up being Mario Lemina 2.0.

Still, here we are, half the season is over and he is arguably one of the five most important players on the team. The positional flexibility he brought to the table was just as heralded as he did all over the flowing Andrea Pirlo setup. But that’s about all that was announced with McKennie.

He’s considerably more technically sharp than we thought he could be and his sense of spacing and race-creating abilities have taken giant leaps in the six months he’s been a Juventus player, the team is simply better when it’s on the pitch.

Since Arturo Vidal left the building, I can’t remember a guy who could deliver energy, pace, ball-catching skills and legitimate offensive chops the same way McKennie does. I’m not saying he’s at the top Vidal level – not many guys got there anyway – but he’s a player that I can certainly see evolving at that level at some point.

In many ways it was actually a Mario Lemina 2.0 signing, but this time the guy they brought in was the real deal.

Winner: Giorgio Chiellini

Look at the old timer over there!

After his last two seasons I think it was fair to think Chiellini’s time as a top player was behind him. Not because he was no longer good, but because it seemed like he had definitely lost the fight against Father Time and his body just wasn’t as reliable as it used to be.

But just as his team needed him most and his young heirs suffered injuries and the fucking 21st plague of the century, respectively, the Juve captain turned back time, played his four consecutive games in God knows how long and played efficiently enough to start.

When it comes to Chiellini we always knew the skills were always there, it was just a matter of seeing if his body gave him the kick to see the pitch. Hopefully this health streak is a good sign for him, as having him available fixes many of this team’s CB depth issues.

(Also, I mean, him and Mathijs de Ligt playing together was so nice to watch. Try to beat those two defenders, Christ.)

Classification of kits / equipment

Good God.

I didn’t want to spend $ 120 on a jacket, but what am I supposed to do? I hate you so much, Juventus Store.


Juventus v Bologna FC - Serie A

Photo by Jonathan Moscrop / Getty Images

What a look, what a decision from Siniša Mihajlović there. Because, buddy, let me tell you it’s a decision. You don’t just stumble upon a plaid newsboy hat and just slip it on as a last-minute accessory. No, that’s a statement. There is thought in it. You looked up that hat, put it on and said, “You know what? It does work here, I keep it, it’s good, I look good.

I wonder if they sell this hat on the official Bologna store like they sell Pirlo’s clothes? Because they should.

Hi5tory Lesson – Part Three

For the less Italian among us – or if you don’t have Google Translate on hand like I did – the tweet points out that if Juve won their game in hand, they would end the first half of the season with 39 points, the exact number of points the team led by Max Allegri had at the same time of the season when returning from the 2015/16 season.

As someone drumming on the parallels between this team and the team that won the fifth straight title of the current title, it only fuels the fire to never be quiet about it.

The biggest difference is that this time they are chasing AC Milan instead of Napoli, and if they won this game in hand and got 39 points they would be back four points from the top instead of just two, what was the gap. on the 15/16 season.

Hell, the seasons are so similar that they both had my signature moment of panic in which I call the season over despite there still being plenty of games left. The only difference is that at the time I wasn’t writing for this blog here, so the hot shots were just thrown into the ether to be gone forever instead of being recorded here in perpetuity.

In any case, as always.

Starting shot of the week

Yes, we have to talk about the Serie A racing title again because look at this.

Any results that could make this race closer came this weekend, with both Milan clubs dropping points and just about every other competitor except Napoli regaining ground.

Much still depends on this catch-up match against the Partenopei, but if Juve were to beat their southern rivals – which they have already done in the all-important Super Cup – they would be in the thick of it again at the end of the season.

With AC Milan again incredibly human and Inter being Inter, it seems the news about Juventus’ death has been far too exaggerated by some members of the media – AKA Me and almost every BWRAO blogger – we are in a crazy end of the season friends, should be fun.

See you on Wednesday.

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Review: in “Making Friends”, a bitter bag of grievances


If you met Tom DeTrinis at a party (remember the parties?), You might find him perfectly enjoyable, if not funny. The truth, however, is that he wants to punch you in the face.

“And therefore,” he says in “Making Friends,” his furious new solo show for the IAMA Theater Company in Los Angeles, “I want to punch myself in the face for wanting to punch you in the face, because I’m supposed to love and accept others. That’s what it is, isn’t it? “

The deliberate irony here is that as an anxious, emotional, and dramatic child – the only gay member of what he calls a large “Jesus addicted family” on “hypermasculine Long Island” – the love and the acceptance were what he wanted the most.

Hence, apparently, his aggressive, tenacious, undiluted anger. He saturates this bitter, navel-like comedy with an hour, whose catch-all of grievances (in particular, a disproportionate hatred of New York) is blithely spared by the current precarious state of the world.

In any normal year, “Making Friends” would be a run-of-the-mill programming choice, especially during the holidays, when so many people feel estranged from their families. But in this extremely disastrous year, it’s a confusing piece for a business to broadcast.

Shot live in an empty theater at Los Angeles’ Pico Playhouse, it’s the kind of show that needs the affirmation and community of an audience in the hall, laughing and compassionate – a crowd like the one the director, Drew Droege, had for his hit solo show, the tumultuous and moving “Vivid Colors and Bold Patterns”.

“Making Friends” is nowhere near as focused and clear as this meticulously constructed piece. Still, it’s hard not to wonder how DeTrinis’ monologue could have found its shape with the instantaneous feedback and dynamic energy of humans in those vacant theater seats, which it addresses – sometimes quite enough. accusing – as if they were fulfilled.

Splenic and spectatorless, though beautifully lit by Donny Jackson, DeTrinis seems obsessed with himself. This is no less because “Making Friends”, which he wrote, is as voluntarily oblivious to current events as if it had been taken from a time capsule, not filmed according to the protocols of a person in charge of the Covid-19 compliance.

The publicity material suggests that the show is in tune with the moment because we are all so pissed off right now. But he is deaf to speak, as DeTrinis does, of the long lines at a Manhattan restaurant, now part of a badly injured industry, or the arrogance of New York’s bartenders, many of whom have recently returned. Unemployed. It’s weird to criticize being in your 30s and not working on Broadway when (maybe you’ve heard) nobody works on Broadway.

The show is at its most insightful when DeTrinis lets himself imagine the uncle he is named after, who died as a child and DeTrinis likes to think he could have been gay. In a fantasy version of Uncle Tommy, he’s a Palm Springs design expert who loves his nephew like a son.

If only, eh? Maybe, given that kind of loving acceptance, DeTrinis wouldn’t want to hit us in the face.

To make friends
Diffusion until January 11; iamatheatre.com.

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Vintage Holiday Photo Handbag: Enjoy These Pictures From CNY’s Christmas Past


Sifting through the Post-Standard archives over the past few weeks for Christmas images in downtown New York City in the 1980s has been terrific.

It’s hard not to smile as you watch the images of children visiting Santa Claus, playing with their much-desired toys, families choosing their perfect Christmas tree, or struggling to find everything on their Christmas list in malls and stores. stores closed for a long time.

But we also found that our archive is full of vacation images that didn’t quite fit the above categories.

For example, we found the above photograph of the unfinished Carrier Dome where someone had placed a Christmas tree on one of the columns on display. It was reported in 1978 that an evergreen tree placed at the highest point of a new building would bring good fortune. Maybe this tree deserves some credit for 1987 and 2003!

So we decided to create a “Christmas Camera Bag” with various photos from the past that might make you smile or remind you of a holiday season from a long, long time ago.

Take advantage and have a wonderful vacation!

Santa Claus flies all over the world in a sleigh driven by nine magical reindeer, so he shouldn’t be too bothered to greet cars high up on a billboard overlooking Route 690 in 1988. He was about 35 feet tall. high. When you’re up there and realize you’ve forgotten your traditional black belt, you just follow it. Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

Peace on Earth, Good Will towards Man, People. Signed – Mrs. Claus. Ralph Moreland nailed a sign to his apartment building at 3322 Burnet Avenue proclaiming goodwill to people, signed by the other half of Santa Claus, the “Freed Mrs.”. The photo is from 1975.

Christmas handbag

We wanted to find a scary photo of Santa Claus. We had to settle for a scary photo of Bert and Ernie. This is from a 1970 Christmas party at Green Lakes State Park. Santa Claus was played by John Klosowski.

Christmas handbag

Matt Davis break dance at Springfield Garden Apartments Christmas Party in 1984. Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

A 1961 Herald-Journal public service announcement: “This is the warning from Fire Inspector Edward P. Quinn as he explained to Miss Jean Bruno that the use of Christmas lights on trees in metal (aluminum) created a potential hazard. Tree on the right is aluminum and should be floodlit for safety, while the plastic tree on the left could support string lights. Ask what you buy! ” Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

In 1985 a group in Syracuse protested against “war toys” like GI Joe “War toys belong here, not under your tree!” reads the sign.

Christmas handbag

Eight-year-old Cal Spearance of Sandy Creek looks like he had a great Christmas in 1984. A new Pac-Man winter hat, a cap gun (don’t tell the protester in the previous photo) and a two-way radio he uses to call his brother, BJ Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

“Boots,” a dog clearly in the Christmas spirit, appears to be awaiting his share of the presents as he snuggles under a pruned tree. At first glance, it seems like he doesn’t have to worry if there will be enough for everyone. The photo is from 1977. Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

Things got a little complicated at this Christmas party at Arion in 1975. Poor Santa Claus! Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

Steven Whalen, 9, and Andy Durval, 10, both from Oswego got up early on Christmas morning to try and fill their new “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” fanny packs with money to shovel snow . Here they shovel the promenade and Rose N. Fick’s driveway on East Seneca Street. The boys are “best friends” and pals together and share their money after work in 1990. Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

The “Car Guys” are a different breed. Tom Dusel and his son Robbie, 4, pose in front of their home in Auburn in 1988. It was the first year, the first year that the Dusels installed Christmas lights on their 1960 Chevrolet Biscayne. Syracuse Post- StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

Grant Village resident David Trapps, 5, found the roads on Christmas morning too slippery for his new bike and found himself in the snow in 1984. Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

Kristian Pellizzari, 4, from Syracuse, not too happy with his fish-shaped Christmas ornament he made at Burnet Park Zoo. It was part of the Holiday Fest at the Zoo in 1988. Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

Brother and sister working together. Michelle and Peter Jakubowski decorate their home for Christmas in Chittenango in 1982. Peter stands on a ladder as he ties a string of colored lights to the porch of the family home. Michelle is standing below to keep the ladder steady, but it looks weirdly like her hands are in her pockets! Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

A1C Base Security Tim Wallace brings Christmas dinner to Sentry on Duty, A1C James Kelly, to his post on the Skyline Drive Gate, Griffiss Air Force Base, Rome.

Christmas handbag

A Christmas party with guest DJ Glen Gomez Adams of Y94 spinning records in 1985. Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

Christmas tree on the grain elevator in the port of Oswego in 1986.

Christmas handbag

“You just don’t have trunk space like this in cars today! Nancy Petersen takes a photo of her husband Hank as he loads their newly purchased Christmas tree into their 1950 Ford on December 9, 1990. The Petersens bought the tree at the annual Lions and Boy Scouts sale in Sickles Park in Chittenango. She described the car as her “pride and joy”. Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

Matches the Clown sings Christmas carols in front of Dey Brothers in downtown Syracuse in 1985. Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

The Post-Standard photographer captioned this photo: “What kid is this?” Three-year-old Peter Joseph Barbagallo of Eastwood has that feeling many children get at the end of Mass on Christmas Eve. He hunts pigeons outside the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

You can almost “hear” this photo and feel the speed of these kids spinning their new slide in 1975 at Westcott Reservoir. Post-standardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

Many people return to their hometowns during the holidays. This unidentified person might have a moment of nostalgia seeing the lights of Syracuse while on vacation.

Christmas handbag

Every child should have this expression at least once during the holidays. Two-year-old Ty Murphy shows his father David Murphy an elephant and tiger ornament on a Christmas tree at the Carousel Center mall in 1992. Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

“I think we found our tree!” John and Jennifer O’Gavaghan watch their daughters Colleen, 5, left, and Heather, 7, drag their cut tree to the car. This photo is from 1989. Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

Where were the people at the Penn Can Mall in this December 21, 1992 photo? A snowstorm held people home. Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

Christmas handbag

OK, Christmas is over! It’s baseball time! A few Syracuse Chiefs fans pick up ticket books at the MacArthur Stadium box office on December 31, 1987. Play ball! Syracuse Post-StandardSyracuse Post-Standard

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An Upstate NY invention quickly became the preferred method of execution across the United States – the electric chair. In “The Condemned” we trace the history of the chair through the stories of five men who were sentenced to death for their crimes. Discover our series here.

This feature is part of CNY Nostalgia, a section on syracuse.com. Send your ideas and curiosities to Johnathan Croyle at [email protected] or dial 315-427-3958.

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Thieves steal equipment from stranded bus


Tourists were unloaded after one of the five buses got stuck in the soft sand on Ninety Mile Beach. Photo / Anthony Mildren

Thieves stole dozens of boogie boards from a tour bus that got stuck in the sand on Ninety Mile Beach over the weekend.

The bus was on a tour organized by the Fullers GreatSights company and got into trouble driving along the beach shortly before 11 a.m. on Sunday.

Fullers GreatSights Bay of Islands general manager Charles Parker said yesterday the tourists had been transferred to other buses.

It was then that the driver of the stranded bus had moved away, awaiting the arrival of help, that he was targeted.

The bus had not yet been returned to the Bay of Islands base and the damage was being assessed by a contractor in the Far North.

Mr Parker said he was not sure of the total damage and had not yet taken an inventory of the stolen items.

However, he knew that at least 31 boogie boards and a first aid kit had been taken.

“None of the tourists were in danger – they were already gone. The driver left the bus while waiting for the excavators to arrive and that’s when it happened,” Parker said. .

Until he received a report of the damage and the stolen goods, the incident would not be reported to the police.

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Denise Richards and husband Aaron Phypers grab some food in Malibu


She chose to move away from The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills after just two seasons.

And Denise Richards returned her attention to her husband Aaron Pypers, 48, on Wednesday as the two went out to Malibu to eat.

The 49-year-old actress has swapped her usual glamorous looks in favor of an ensemble that is both casual and sporty.

Filling: Denise Richards, 49, wore a casual but sporty look on Wednesday as she and husband Aaron Phypers, 48, ate food in Malibu

Denise looked like she had come out of a workout in her black tank top, which revealed her shapely arms.

She paired it with a pair of black sweatpants with blue stripes and also wore black athletic shoes.

The Wild Things star had a large beige Gucci bag under her arm, and she styled her brown locks into a messy bun above her head.

Aaron complemented his wife’s casual style with a solid black t-shirt that exposed her bulging biceps, as well as ripped jeans and gray boots.

Sporty style: Denise looked like she stepped out of a workout in her black tank top, which revealed her shaped arms, and black sweatpants with blue stripes

Sporty style: Denise looked like she stepped out of a workout in her black tank top, which revealed her shaped arms, and black sweatpants with blue stripes

Denise and Aaron were both in charge and wore masks to help slow the spread of the new coronavirus.

The reality TV star recently found herself with more free time after announcing her departure from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after two seasons.

“I had a great first season. The second season was difficult, ”she said Monday on The Real, which was hosted by her costar RHOBH Garcelle Beauvais.

“I just thought it was the right time for me to go out there and continue to focus on the other projects that I have. I had a great time. I will always be a fan and I will continue to support the series, ”she continued.

Outside: The reality TV star recently found herself with more free time after announcing her departure from The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills after two seasons

Outside: The reality TV star recently found herself with more free time after announcing her departure from The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills after two seasons

Denise also left the door open to more reality TV opportunities, so her fans could see her on TV again soon enough.

During her interview, she reserved special praise for her friend Garcelle, who ensured a stable presence on RHOBH.

– Garcelle, it almost makes me want to cry, said Denise. “I really couldn’t have made it through the season without you, honestly.

“She’s a girl of a girl, a good friend. Your loyalty is beyond that and I really couldn’t have made it through this season without you.

Difficult moment: “I had a great first season.  The second season was difficult, ”she said Monday on The Real, which was hosted by her costar RHOBH Garcelle Beauvais;  shown in january

Difficult time: “I had a great first season. The second season was difficult, ”she said Monday on The Real, which was hosted by her costar RHOBH Garcelle Beauvais; shown in january

Denise was beset by RHOBH’s claims that she and Brandi Glanville had been having a secret affair.

Brandi, who is currently a guest on the show, claimed the two had sex the first time they met in a restaurant bathroom.

She also said they had sex later on a trip to Mendocino, Calif., After Denise invited her to stay for the weekend while she was shooting a movie there.

Denise has been married since 2018 to Aaron, with whom she started dating in late 2017.

Glanville claimed on RHOBH that her co-star claimed she had an open relationship with her husband, before changing course and forbidding him to tell him about the alleged affair.

Kiss and tell: Denise was beset by RHOBH's claims that she and Brandi Glanville had a secret affair

Kiss and tell: Denise was beset by RHOBH’s claims that she and Brandi Glanville had a secret affair

Her true love: Denise has been married since 2018 to Aaron, with whom she started dating in late 2017

Her true love: Denise has been married since 2018 to Aaron, with whom she started dating in late 2017

Keep it a secret: Glanville claimed on RHOBH that her co-star claimed she had an open relationship with her husband, before changing course and forbidding him to tell him about the alleged affair.

Keep it a secret: Glanville claimed on RHOBH that her co-star claimed she had an open relationship with her husband, before changing course and forbidding him to tell him about the alleged affair.

Denise’s ex-husband Charlie Sheen, 55, recently said Sixth page that he was not part of his ex-wife’s decision to quit the show.

“She does what she wants in these areas,” he said through his publicist Jeffrey Ballard, adding, “And I applaud her“ one and done ”decision.

Denise previously admitted to consulting Charlie during an appearance on Andy Cohen’s show, Radio Andy.

“I told him about it because as an actor in this field I also respect his opinion. So I said, “What do you think?” And he said, “I think that could be really cool,” she recalls.

Out of the loop: Denise's ex-husband Charlie Sheen, 55, recently told Page Six that he was not part of his ex-wife's decision to quit the show, although he did. 'argued;  shown in 2005

Out of the loop: Denise’s ex-husband Charlie Sheen, 55, recently told Page Six that he was not part of his ex-wife’s decision to quit the show, although he did. ‘argued; shown in 2005

“Even if he said it’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done, I still would have put on the show.” But it was interesting to get his point of view because I have a lot of respect for him as a father and have been in this business for as many years as he has.

Bravo patriarchy Andy Cohen recently shared that the Wild Things star’s departure was the result of a stalled negotiation.

“I’m just sad we couldn’t come to a deal for next season,” reality TV mastermind said. PeopleTV Reality Test Monday. “I kind of live in this sadness.

“We were in the process of negotiating an agreement with her and we were unable to come to an agreement on the agreement,” he explained.

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