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Senator Rob Portman calls Democrats’ infrastructure plan a “$ 6 trillion sack of progressive priorities” on “Meet the Press”


CLEVELAND, Ohio – Ohio GOP Senator Rob Portman appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” show on Sunday morning to discuss the bipartisan infrastructure proposal he is leading Senate negotiations on, saying the current $ 6 trillion Democratic plan is not about infrastructure at all.

“It’s kind of a $ 6 trillion purse of progressive priorities,” Portman told host Chuck Todd. “Ours is for basic infrastructure and it’s paid for. It is paid without raising taxes, which is essential.

You can watch Senator Portman’s interview with “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd in the video above.

Portman spoke of the “very creative ways” of funding the bipartisan infrastructure proposal, including the infrastructure “bank” and the reallocation of COVID-19 funding packages that have yet to be spent, like the latest package. of $ 350 billion sent to states and local governments.

“They would like to devote part of it to infrastructure; my state of Ohio definitely would. And we would allow them to do that and that helps pay for the package, ”the senator said.

When host Chuck Todd claimed that the “average person” would look at creative finance and say that these are just “accounting tricks” that would further increase the country’s deficit, Portman disagreed.

“No, no, absolutely not,” Portman said. “I think when you look at infrastructure you have to think about what it is – these are long term investments. All the economics of it work well for our long-term economic growth and that’s what it is. So, this is something that can be paid for definitely.

Portman stressed that the bipartisan proposal would not raise taxes, unlike the current Democratic $ 6 trillion proposal.

“What we don’t want to do is hurt the economy right now as we come out of this pandemic by raising taxes for working families,” Portman said. “This is the biggest tax increase in American history on top of these huge expenses. It is important that we have pay-fors, but we do not want to increase taxes.

The Ohio senator added that he hoped the bipartisan proposal would win favor with the White House and President Biden.

“This [bipartisan proposal] help President Biden keep this [campaign] promise to have an infrastructure package, but also to keep its promise to get things across the aisle and get things done, ”Portman said.

The idea of ​​a bipartisan infrastructure counter-proposal began to gain momentum in Congress last week, when a total of 21 senators – 11 Republicans, nine Democrats and one independent – backed the master plan again. unpublished, reports the Washington Post. .

Learn more at cleveland.com:

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Upcoming Lorain County rally to show if ex-President Donald Trump still has the campaign mojo

Ohio Senate cuts lead paint training by $ 1.3 million from $ 75 billion budget

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Debating Happiness Police, playoff dream dies, and Conan vs. Leafs – The Athletic


Discuss issues

This week’s debate: We’re in Round 3, which means 15 teams haven’t made the playoffs, 12 have already been knocked out, and the remaining four haven’t even reached the final yet. Do fans have the right to be happy?

Opposed: No! It’s the NHL. You are happy when your team wins the Cup. Everything else is pathetic.

In favor: Not yet.

Opposite: Yeah, I know, we kind of broached this topic during that whole pity party you had a few weeks ago. But it always comes back. The Hurricanes came out in the second round, in a series where they had ice at home, and their fans cheered them on like they had accomplished something. What a bunch of losers, right?

In favor: Or maybe they were just happy to be back in a building where they could watch hockey together, and showing some appreciation for the team that helped make this happen.

Opposed: Okay, loser thing, glad we agree. And here’s former NHL player Ryan Whitney ripping Islanders fans apart for cheering after winning their second round streak. Hey guys you were a dynasty remember?

In favor: I mean, a lot of them probably don’t, that was a while ago …

Opposed: Too bad. Ask a grandparent. The point is, when you’ve won 19 playoffs in a row once, you seem a little silly to be all excited about winning two.

In favor: Good God, is that where we set the bar now? It is going crazy. The Islanders haven’t even been eliminated, and we’re already pissed off that their fans are enjoying this playoff run?

Opposed: I think a former player like Whitney would know a thing or two about a winner’s mindset.

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watchOS 8 offers a bag of improvements

Apple’s WatchOS 8, unveiled at the Global Virtual Developer Conference, features a slew of improvements in health, communication, photos, home automation, and more. While perhaps overshadowed by other WWDC announcements, these collectively do a lot to move the Apple Watch forward.

To sleep

Apple rolled out sleep tracking features in watchOS 7 last year (see “watchOS 7 introduces sleep tracking, handwashing detection, and more,” June 22, 2020), and builds on this theme with watchOS 8. In addition to tracking metrics like time asleep, heart rate, and blood oxygen, Apple Watch now monitors “sleep breathing rate,” the number of breaths per minute. The Apple Watch does this trick with its built-in accelerometer, and you can view the results in the Health app. You will receive an alert if there is something wrong with the sleep-breathing service.

watchOS 8 Sleep app


To highlight the usefulness of mindfulness for mental health, Apple renamed the Breathe app to Mindfulness and added improved Breathe routines. New to the app are the Reflect routines which provide you with short pieces of text, such as “Remember a time when you felt a sense of calm recently. Bring that feeling into this moment. – intended to put you in a positive frame of mind. Breathe and Reflect sessions are enhanced with calming animations, although we suggest closing your eyes is more calming than holding your arm on your hips for a minute or more at a time to see the pretty graphics.

watchOS 8 Mindfulness app


The Apple Watch is great for initiating a wide variety of workouts, and Apple has added two more: Tai Chi and Pilates. For those who are willing to pay for Apple Fitness +, there are new workouts with Jeanette Jenkins (no, we don’t know who she is, but we understand that she is popular) as well as playlists from workout of Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Alicia Keys.


The Apple Watch’s small screen doesn’t seem ideal for viewing photos, but Apple is making the most of it. Perhaps most notably, watchOS 8 includes a new Portraits watch face that turns portrait images of a friend or relative into an “immersive, multi-layered effect”. When you spin the digital crown, it looks a bit like those 3D animated photos that keep popping up in your Facebook feed (see “Google and Facebook use iPhone portrait mode for fun effects”, December 13, 2018).

watchOS 8 Face Portraits

Apple has also redesigned the Photos app with Memories Highlights and Featured Photos, along with a cool Mosaic layout. Plus, if you can navigate the small screen, you can share photos through Messages and Mail. It’s hard to be too excited about these changes, considering that every Apple Watch owner has an iPhone that will be a much more efficient platform for interacting with photos.


Apple Watch offers several ways to send short messages: Scribble, voice dictation, and emojis. Now, Apple lets you use the digital crown to position the cursor when editing voice-dictated messages. It’s better than nothing, but we really don’t see anyone using it, except perhaps to correct a particularly egregious dictation failure.

Additionally, in a nod to the social age, Messages in watchOS 8 now provides a library of trending animated GIFs to express a sentiment or opinion (like a #facepalm) with a single moving image instead of a static emoji.


A redesigned Home app in watchOS 8 gives HomeKit users more options. If you have security cameras installed, you can see who is at the door or hiding in your driveway right on your wrist. An Intercom feature lets you broadcast verbal messages to HomePods and other devices throughout your home or in individual rooms. Finally, the new Home app shows status symbols for your devices, much like Home does in iOS 14, and watchOS 8 suggests scenes for you based on the time of day.

It’s great to see Apple making HomeKit devices, scenes, and automations more accessible, although in our experience the HomePod is the killer device for working with home automation.

More features

  • Apple has added the Contacts app to the Apple Watch. You can browse, add, share and edit contacts right on your wrist.
  • Several timers, previously exclusive to HomePod, are now available on Apple Watch. You can label timers (such as “laundry timer” or “cook timer”) for repeated use.
  • Always-on display of recent Apple Watch models is now supported by more apps including Maps, Mindfulness, Now Playing, Phone, Podcasts, Stopwatch, Timers, and Voice Memos.
  • A Find Devices app, mirroring functionality found on other Apple devices, helps users locate AirTags and other devices through the Find My network.
  • A redesigned Music app lets users share songs, albums, and playlists through Messages and Mail. Apple has also merged the functionality of the current Radio app into the Music app.
  • The Weather app now offers severe weather notifications and next hour rainfall alerts. Apple has also improved its complications.
  • If you add a key to the Wallet app in iOS 15, you can unlock supported HomeKit and hotel room locks with your Apple Watch Series 6 and its Ultra Wideband support. You can also access your digital ID from Apple Watch when you go through TSA checkpoints in the United States.

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‘Friends: the Reunion’ offers a purse of emotional moments, celebrity sightings and nostalgia

Spoiler Alert: This story contains spoilers for “Friends: The Reunion”, now available on Crave.

After the year that we had, could we to be more excited to spend time with our friends? In groups of five from a distance, of course. It’s not quite having coffee at Central Perk with Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey, but these days you take what you can get.

And what we get from HBO Max via Crave is a special “Friends” reunion – a chance to watch Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc reminisce about what it was like to be. on it the juggernaut soars to stardom and is reminiscent of some of their favorite moments from the series, both on and off screen.

Maybe that’s a good thing, because while “Friends” has undeniably changed the landscape of the sitcom, some of it (lots of lines tinged with gay panic, lots of “jokes” about how Monica was big and that’s it, it’s the punchline) do not hold up very well. And of course, even though the show was supposed to take place in various New Yorks, it was famous as snow white, something that just wouldn’t fly today and, frankly, shouldn’t have then.

Despite all this, when “Friends” was good, it was very good. And this special is no different.

The reunion begins quietly as one by one the six actors stroll around the reconstructed set, marvel at how everything looks alike, and sit down to chat. Although they say they still speak regularly, it’s a bit shocking to see them all in the giant Manhattan rent-controlled apartment that time has forgotten with their silver hair, wrinkles, and Botox. But as they begin to share their memories, things start to look familiar to them.

If there is a quibble, it is because the format of the reunion seems a little tinkered with.

For example, those intimate conversations with the cast as they revisit the set collide with the more traditional interviews with series creators and producers Marta Kauffman, David Crane, and Kevin Bright, which reveal a bit of the casting process and what it was to be caught up in the mania of “friends”.

The biggest misstep, however, is the part that is filmed in front of an audience with James Corden as the obedient and over-enthusiastic MC. It seems forced and awkward, and the visits of actors Elliott Gould and Christina Pickles (Ross and Monica’s parents), Maggie Wheeler (Chandler’s annoying girlfriend, Janice) and James Michael Tyler (Gunther cafe barista) are stuck. between questions from the audience and a really bizarre fashion show with Cara Delevingne, Justin Bieber and Cindy Crawford (always gorgeous).

It is, however, what fans of TV’s greats will / won’t get a hefty chunk of juicy gossip when asked friends if any of them have ever had feelings. in love for each other. Schwimmer and Aniston laugh and stutter and reveal they are “crushing hard,” but Schwimmer claims nothing happened because they were still a couple. Here, LeBlanc coughs to cover his response of “Bulls – t!” ”

Corden, never the subtle type, asks, “Am I the only one whose mind is blown away by this?” Aniston blushes and says gently, “We just channeled all of our love and adoration for each other into Ross and Rachel.” So. Ross and Rachel were probably inspired by an actual crush, to say the least.

There are also pre-filmed interviews with some of the show’s most famous fans sharing their favorite episodes. Football star David Beckham, “Game of Thrones” actor Kit Harington and activist Malala Yousafzai stand out. These interviews are interspersed with today’s cast reading past scripts, including the scene where Chandler describes peeing on Monica to cure a jellyfish sting, the moment Ross needed help moving her couch and my Favorite, the episode where Joey and Chandler fight over a chair comes back to Joey wearing all of Chandler’s clothes.

David Schwimmer, left, and Matthew Perry in a scene from

There’s also a weird (but not intrusive) re-enactment of the quiz in which Monica and Rachel compete with Joey and Chandler to see who gets the big apartment, along with several special guests, a catchy rendition of Phoebe’s epic folk song “Smelly Cat. “which you’ll go gaga over and, in what seems like an overcompensation for the show’s lack of diversity, interviews from fans around the world describing what the show meant to them.

Ultimately, it’s hard not to feel a little emotional when Cox says it’s probably the last time they’ll talk about the show together in this way, or when Perry explains how great it is. to see one of his comrades at a party, knowing that they will spend the whole night catching up.

It’s the best parts of the special that feel the most intimate and revealing. The camera lingers behind that famous orange sofa, looking with friends, not towards them, and it almost feels like listening to private conversations and intimate, unattended moments.

In one of those moments, Perry, who has long struggled with drugs and alcohol, admits he suffered from anxiety and often felt like he would die if he couldn’t laugh. . In another, Kudrow, arguably one of the show’s most skillful actors, reveals that she hates watching herself act.

When the audience isn’t around and only the six primary friends are talking to each other, you can tell that they really enjoy being together and supporting each other no matter what. That’s when you see that what makes this show special is that they’re all really friends.

Maybe the pandemic made me sweet, but really all we want is to hang out with our friends again.

What to watch next …

Enough sentimentality! When you’re done with the “Friends” reunion, we’ve lined up three more great sitcoms that are worth a reunion or maybe even another season.

“Happy Endings” (Amazon Prime)

“Happy Endings” premiered in 2011 on ABC with a bang. But over the course of three seasons, this show about a group of friends in Chicago has gained a reputation for quick jokes, wild but realized characters, and goofy storylines.

Like “Friends”, “Happy Endings” begins with a scenario of a runaway bride. Alex and Dave are about to say “yes” when she gets cold feet and leaves him at the altar. But where Rachel has never looked back, Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) returns to the fold. And their tight-knit group, including Dave (Zachary Knighton), gay slacker Max (Adam Pally), perpetually single Penny (Casey Wilson) and married couple Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Alex Jane’s sister (Eliza Coupe) , all swear to overcome the awkwardness and to remain friends.

Much of the reason the series is so beloved is due to the absolutely crackling chemistry of the cast. But on “Happy Endings,” the plots were incidental, because at its heart, the show was just a joke machine, spewing out setups, punchlines and pop culture references so fast you could never get them. catch them all from the first session. It’s a show that rewards multiple views (I watched it three times during the pandemic, once in each wave) and it really should have seen all the success that “Friends” had.

Sadly, the network tinkered with its schedule, audiences plummeted, and ABC canceled it in 2013. And the hugely dedicated fan base never got over it. Rumors of a reboot lingered for years until last July, when Zoom’s obsession with the pandemic provided them with an easy way to reunite one last time for a special charity episode.

“Crash” (Netflix)

Sometimes you have to admire British television: come in, make people laugh, come out. This 2016 UK Channel 4 series about a 20 and 30 year old group living together in an abandoned hospital was written and created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. And she’s cornered the market for TV shows that are both emotionally devastating and also funny in a way. (See also: “Fleabag” on Amazon Prime.) Waller-Bridge’s greatest superpower comes across as the least likeable character and yet somehow you desperately want that character to be happy. and good.

In “Crashing”, her Lulu is the intruder who arrives in search of work and accommodation. She meets her close friend Anthony (Damien Molony), a chef who is engaged to the cornered event planner Kate. Although Lulu and Anthony insist that they are just friends, Kate (Louise Ford) rightly suspects that there is a story and maybe a future there. Meanwhile, sex-crazed Sam (Jonathan Bailey) just lost his father and becomes intrigued by Fred (Amit Shah), a gay man who wants to be his friend. The group is completed by French artist Melody (Julie Dray), who discovered her muse in Colin (Adrian Scarborough), an older divorcee whose pain is his inspiration.

Packed with chaotic energy and scathing humor, the series manages to examine relationships, sexuality, and the responsibility that comes with it in adulthood in just six half-hour episodes. The abrupt, ambiguous ending is another hallmark of Waller-Bridge’s shows: just when you’re hooked, he slips away, cheekily stares at the camera, and raises an eyebrow as if to say, “I’m not a stinker?” ”

“Living Single” (not available in streaming, but should be)

Last year, David Schwimmer intervened in an interview with The Guardian when he commented on the lack of diversity in “Friends”, saying he didn’t think it was much of a problem, but what can. be there should be a black version of “Friends”. It didn’t take long for almost everyone to let them know that in fact, “Friends” was the white version of “Living Single”.

The show about Six Friends Sharing a Brooklyn Brownstone premiered on Fox in 1993, a year before Friends started hogging the Central Perk sofa. And while the characters in “Friends” were almost all employed on the fringes, “Living Single” offered something different: role models.

Queen Latifah, who played the role of editor-in-chief of Khadijah magazine, had the job I wanted. Kim Coles was her aspiring actress cousin Synclaire, Kim Fields played fashion buyer Régine and Erika Alexander was Khadijah’s best friend, Maxine, a witty and sarcastic lawyer. TC Carson and John Henton played neighbors Kyle and Overton.

While you can watch the show on Hulu in the US, “Living Single” is not available to stream anywhere in Canada. And that’s a real shame because the clips available on YouTube show how this show is holding up.

The years have not dulled his lively humor; his commentary on breed in America is more relevant than ever and there are some awe-inspiring and striking performances communicated almost exclusively through facial expressions.

“Living Single” recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and if ever a show was prepared for a comeback or a big special reunion, this would be it. But in the meantime, I’ll settle for a streaming service in Canada offering the original broadcast.

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Michelin-starred chef Gaggan collaborates with Greyhound Cafe, Grab Food for lunchbox project

Gaggan Anand is no stranger to unusual collaboration. Today, the famous chef has partnered with a fashion and restaurant powerhouse, as well as the Grab Food delivery service.

The Lunch Box (and Dinner) project sees Gaggan entering the mass market for the first time, co-creating a menu of deliverables with Greyhound Cafe, the food wing of the fashion empire.

The menu offers boujee but accessible dishes such as multigrain khao tom with smoked foie gras (480 THB), choux de foie gras and chicken curry with truffle aioli (375 THB), chicken rigatoni tikka masala (290 THB) and “mangmisu” (235 THB).

Like all of Bangkok’s gastronomic pioneers, Gaggan’s business has been dramatically shaken over the past 14 months. As the restaurant is currently limited to 25% of its capacity, many restaurateurs have weighed the pros and cons of reopening. Some, like Tim Butler of Eat me, for example, have chosen to keep their restaurants closed for the time being.

Recently, Gaggan started serving a la carte dishes for the first time at his eponymous restaurant. Gaggan Anand, giving more Bangkok diners access to its award-winning cuisine than ever before. With this company, his food is arguably more accessible than ever.

The delivery campaign runs until June 30. Orders can be placed through the Grab Food delivery app.

Gaggan has also partnered with UNICEF to raise funds for India, which has been hit by an upsurge in Covid-19 infections. All funds will go to the purchase of medical supplies.


Gaggan Again: the Michelin-starred chef opens a “curry house dream” at Ekkamai

Talkative Gaggan gushes out of erogenous tongues, food upheaval, and even a new restaurant

This story originally appeared in BK.

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Royal Northern Sinfonia online review, Sage Gateshead – a handbag of player favorites

The Royal Northern Sinfonia gave its players artistic control of the schedule for this Sage, Gateshead livestream and while the result lacked consistency it certainly had the variety and diversity that the Wigmore Hall Nash Ensemble recital lacked I have. reviewed last month.

Centered around the popular Piazzolla Estaciones Porteñas, on the occasion of the composer’s centenary, he also presented music by Germaine Tailleferre, Daniel Kidane, Dobrinka Tabakova and – incongruously – Haydn. But if the latter is Sinfonia Concertante felt like an intruder from another program, a cheerful and generous performance was a good way to dispel doubts.

by Piazzolla Four seasons of Buenos Aires were not designed as a sequence, so it made sense to distribute the movements throughout the program. There are also advantages given the diminishing returns of the same type of Piazzolla. new tango style, although the Seasons are as varied as anything that belongs to it. He is also very conducive to recomposition: like Bach, something essential in his music survives the process. Here, the original quintet score became a solo violin and string orchestra, which offered more weight and depth, and a supporting bed for the virtuosity of the solo part.The solos were shared between four violinists of the orchestra, who all shone in their own way. Marie schreer (photo above) had arrogance and a daring sound, Gaëlle-Anne Michel reveled in the tangy and twisted quotes from Vivaldi, Katarina Nazarova displayed quick wit in her long cadence and Alanna Tonetti-Tieppo played with humility and tender sincerity. The orchestra was at times punchy, fleshy, sensual and – an important word in the world of tango – passionate.

Starting with that of Dobrinka Tabakova Organum Light was an odd choice – his icy detachment would have had more of an impact after the Piazzolla. With the surprisingly vibrato-free string quintet in hymn-like parallelisms with more than a hint of Arvo Pärt, this ritual, unmoved music made a strong impression. Just like, on a smaller canvas, the sober sonata for clarinet by Germaine Tailleferre, played with love by Jessica Lee (photo below). It’s not a piece I know, from a composer I should know better, but it was languid and slightly bluesy, with a distinct French accent.Jessica Lee, Royal Northern Sinfonia clarinetistthat of Daniel Kidane Towards the resolution also left me wanting more. In just three minutes, he reimagined a Purcell fantasy in clusters of descending notes, mostly static but with glissandos and tremolos disturbing the surface. Like the Tabakova, he has a slightly aloof demeanor, but complete conviction and a sense of being bigger than himself.

The Haydn Sinfonia Concertante for violin, cello, oboe and bassoon did not really belong to this troupe and represented a sacred stylistic shock. As nice as it is, I would have preferred something longer from Kidane or Tailleferre. But the game was bouncy and full of fun – Haydn is perhaps of all great composers the one you’d like to have a beer with, based on music like this. Alexandra Raikhlina conducted impressively on the violin, especially the delicate recitative sections of the final movement. Steffan Morris took his second solo of the evening, after a touching solo at Piazzolla. But the piece was heard by the athleticism of oboist Michael O’Donnell and bassoonist Stephen Reay. The interaction between the soloists at the end was Haydn playing in front of the crowd in the best sense of the word – and it doesn’t take long before there is a real crowd to play.


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Manu’s Grab Bag: Eulogy – Noir & Blanc & Read All Over

Just as it was not built in a day, neither did Rome fall in a day.

By the standards of historians, the fall of the Western Roman Empire does not have an exact date, it encompasses the long process of decline it suffered for 100 years, aided by mismanagement, internal conflicts, religious changes and general incompetence. Of course, our focus is on the sacking of the capital as the final moment of Rome’s fall as it fits the story better and as humans we tend to appreciate nice, tidy conclusions. And what better conclusion than the sack of Rome by Germanic barbarians? Yet when you look at it as a whole, you can say that the Western Roman Empire fell much, much earlier than the day Odoacre deposed Romulus Augustus in 476. What is indisputable is that the deposition made a nice exclamation mark, a real “How did we get here? “

(Also cool? The last emperor of Rome is called Romulus, like the founder and first king of Rome. The story is fun!)

Much like an empire in ruins, we knew of Juventus’ reign as the Italian champions were over long before it became official last week. However, as they dragged themselves to the finish line in search of a silver liner to end the season, we still lacked that definitive moment to signal that an era was officially over, a proverbial rampage of the city, if you will.

What does a 3-0 beating sound like at the hands of an AC Milan team that had never won at the Allianz Stadium like an exclamation point? If you want to follow the analogy, it’s certainly poetic that this was overseen by Andrea Pirlo, a key player in the early years of Juventus’ reign and someone who started in the stadium’s Serie A opener.

Let’s cook.

LVP: Everyone

It would be unfair of me to nominate just one player for the debacle we saw on Sunday. There are a few saving points as Matthijs de Ligt was pretty good and Alex Sandro wasn’t awful but other than that it’s hard for me to point out other guys in the starting XI who haven’t played appallingly.

We could start with Wojciech Szczesny, whose poor clearance attempt directly led to Brahim Diaz’s opener. Or the comedy of mistakes we know as Juventus midfielder, a unit that only seems to get worse week after week. Do we want to talk about Cristiano Ronaldo and Alvaro Morata? A pair that did so little in 90 minutes of playing time that I openly wondered if Felix Correia or any of the young U-23s could have done any worse.

Even Federico Chiesa and Juan Cuadrado, two of Juve’s best players this season, only affected the game a little more than you or I sitting at home.

It was such a throttle that it is deserved that everyone who started the game could share the prize. Such a spectacularly bad performance deserves it. Really, only two people came out on top of this whole debacle.

Season leader: Cristiano Ronaldo (13 points)

Winner: Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala was preparing to enter the pitch for the last 15 minutes or so of the game. We all now know that Dybala has had a bad season, complicated and complicated to say the least. However, his talents remain undisputed and the fact that he always seems up to par against AC Milan seemed like a good sign that he could have made a positive impact on the game. Especially a game that seemed devoid of any sort. creativity in the last third.

Of course, before he could step onto the pitch, Ante Rebic scored the second goal of the night for the Rossoneri – a pearl of a shot that tucked into the top corner giving Szczesny no chance, but also had all the time in the world to unleash given Juventus’ horrific closing effort – and a Dejected Dybala returned to the bench to consult with his coach knowing full well that the game was likely over just before he had a chance to make an impact.

Dybala came on anyway and led all the players in the attempted shots, which tells you everything you need to know about the seriousness of the game for the hosts and how much better it could have been. La Joya had more minutes, especially given the horror of Ronaldo and Morata so far. Just inexcusable team management by Pirlo – to whom we will come back in a moment – and management we would not have seen from the other big winner of the evening.

Winner: Maurizio Sarri

Turns out that might not be the main problem after all, eh?

The deeper that Juventus side go, the better Maurizio Sarri’s short-lived team. Now don’t get me wrong Sarri’s Juve were also bad, it’s not a revisionist take on how they were actually good because they weren’t at all.

While they won the Scudetto, that was on a 50/50 basis due to their own credit and due to the implosion of the tail teams after the COVID-19 induced break, but they actually won the league and despite the struggles, Team No ‘has never been in danger of missing Europe.

I spoke earlier about the concept of a replacement level player, I think we now see the value of a replacement level manager. Sarri had his flaws and if the reports are true and he had lost the dressing room there was no choice but to leave him, but he was at the very least an experienced manager who could read and react to the changes. much better games than Pirlo.

Don’t get me wrong, Juventus are in this place not entirely because of Andrea Pirlo, but with a roughly similar squad and many of the same flaws, Sarri did a much better job in hindsight.

Watch this team crash and burn must do Sir Sarri a very happy – and very rich – man indeed.

Loser: Andrea Pirlo

Ok, let’s get into it. After a season spent on the Pirlo bandwagon, I think this could be the last nail in the coffin of his managerial career at Juventus.

On the one hand, a lot of the issues affecting this club are not his own fault. It’s not his fault the midfielder is a train wreck, it’s not his fault that injuries and COVID-19 have ravaged the depth of the team pretty much all season or so an insane schedule, coupled with a short offseason made an already complicated situation significantly all the more. Put simply, it wasn’t his fault that he got his first leadership role at the head of a decaying giant with huge expectations that turned out to be far from the actual level of talent within the company. team.

That being said and despite all of these caveats, at this point it’s clear that even though the team is flawed, his performance as a manager has only added to those flaws, rather than lessening them. This game was as bad on the field as it was on the bench. While I do understand lining up Chiesa on the left to start – a flank he has seemed more and more comfortable with as the season progresses – and allowing Cuadrado to operate from his preferred position on the right, to begin with. the game, after half time it was clear that a switch was in order. Much of Juve’s success in the opener against that same Milan side was due to Chiesa destroying Theo Hernandez – a guy who is good on offense, but uncertain at best on defense – on the right flank. You already knew it was a weakness, why not attack it?

I am not the first to make this remark but why take so long to do the subtitles? Why stay in the status quo when the team is clearly in bad shape? Why take so long to bring in Dybala? Why not let Arthur play earlier? Why continue to play Rodrigo Bentancur a guy who at this point is just a shell of the player he was last year?

Why, after regaining a certain solidity by playing a more traditional and less changeable 4-4-2 formation, is it returning to hybrid formations which clearly have not worked so far? The biggest gripe overall is that despite everything, with a full squad at their disposal, this team is playing worse than it was at the start of the season.

It is almost certain that he will be sacked once the season is over, and rightly so. However, I hope he has the opportunity to come back to the Under-23 ranks and hone his managerial skills. Despite all the difficulties this season, I think he can do it and he has had some good games overall where he has shown what he can achieve as a manager – AC Milan opener, the two-man victory in the semi-final against Inter and the 3-0 victory. about Barcelona comes to mind – with more time and fewer expectations.

In the end, it was a bit like giving someone just out of the drivers, a seat on the Mercedes F1 team with all the challenges and expectations that come with it. Of course, a lot of the blame goes to whoever thought it was a good idea to start with, but at the end of the day Pirlo had the wheel and he can’t be completely innocent for destroying the car.

Starting shot of the week

In the excellent 30 for 30 doc of ESPN “Mohammed and Larry”You get a glimpse of the pre-fight camps and the heavyweight fight buzz between defending champion Larry Holmes and a 38-year-old retired Muhammad Ali.

At this point in his career, Ali is a completely washed-up boxer, only swayed to return to the ring due to an obscene handbag prize. Yet somehow Muhammad Ali was a pre-fight favorite. People believed in Ali, he looked the same, he spoke the same way and he was Mohamed Ali, greatest of all time, he would surely pull it off once again.

Of course Ali was a shell of himself, he was beaten by Holmes while offering absolutely no recoil before Ali’s coach called the fight to the stool in the 10e tower. He might look like himself, but he certainly wasn’t the former heavyweight champion.

That’s all I could think of looking at this current iteration of Juventus. They look and sound the same and they wear the black and white stripes and they always play in the same stadium. They still have the same players and the new names certainly sound awesome in theory. But this team is not the same Juve who reigned supreme in Italy for almost a decade, it is certainly not the same team that made the Allianz Stadium a fortress or the team that wins or loses would leave everything on the ground.

You can’t win forever and no reign ends well, it’s part of the sport. This era of Juventus football is over, let’s see what lies ahead for the next one.

See you on Wednesday.

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Places to buy special food and drinks for Cinco de Mayo in El Paso

Way of life

EL PASO, Texas – Every year on May 5, Mexican-American heritage and pride is celebrated.

The US Congress issued a proclamation in 2005 calling on Americans to observe Cinco de Mayo.

Most people do this while enjoying a Mexican themed meal and drink, like tacos and margaritas.

Here’s a look at a few places with specials to celebrate the day in El Paso ….

  • Carlos and Mickey, 1310 Magruder St. & 12111 Montwood Dr., voted by many home of the best and biggest margarita in El Paso, has a Pickle-Rita drink special for $ 6.95 – and their lunch special is two gorditas from ground beef with rice and beans for $ 6.99.
  • Chili’s Grill & Bar, several El Paso branches, mark the occasion with $ 5 drink deals on some of their most popular margaritas and select draft beer imports.
  • Chuy’s, Fountains at Farah, celebrates all day with happy hour discounts on Tecate, Original Texas ‘Tinis and their world famous home’ Ritas. They also offer $ 1 tequila floats to complement your margarita.
  • Taco shack, several El Paso branches, offers $ 2 margaritas with 12 flavors to choose from, all on ice. Or try the La Bandera Margarita, with flavors of lime, strawberry, mango and blue curacao for $ 3.
  • Taco shop, 1920 N. Zaragoza Rd., Offers street tacos carne asada and carnitas for $ 6.
  • Twin peaks, several El Paso branches, famous with these offers: shots of tequila – Cuervo Silver for $ 3.99 or Patron Silver for $ 4.99, and draft beers and cocktails starting at $ 5.

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Pattaya Grab Food Drivers Deliver Lost Boy To Parents

Parents Jomitae and Pie burst into tears when they reunite with their lost son.

A pair of food delivery drivers brought a lost toddler back to his parents in Pattaya.

Pattarathan Kadprakong, 32, and Saranya Kadprakong, 34, noticed 2-year-old “Nong Tone” wandering the street on April 15 and grabbed him before he was hit by a car.

The boy was shaking and crying and was obviously lost. Grab Food drivers took him to the local police station, where his photo was taken and posted on social media.

Parents Jomitae, 31, and Piew, 30, contacted police about their missing child and were asked to come and identify the boy.

The parents, both Burmese painters, had taken their boy to work, but he wandered away while they chatted with the boss.

Food delivery couple Grab Pattarathan and Saranya Kadprokong (center) noticed 2-year-old “Nong Tone” wandering the street on April 15 and grabbed him before he was hit by a car. They took him to the local police station, which sparked a moving reunion.
The parents, both Burmese painters, had taken their boy to work, but he wandered away while they chatted with the boss.

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NHL Trade Deadline Edition – The Athletic



The NHL trading deadline was this week, which you probably missed because it’s a very obscure event that doesn’t get a lot of media coverage. But if it does, don’t worry, I’m here for you. My spies have spent the last few days checking with sources in the league and will allow you to find out which teams made the most news this week.

Buffalo Sabers: Kevyn Adams is widely criticized for the Bruins deal but really had no other options as Taylor Hall would only agree to a trade with one team, he speculates, as that would explain that a Hall finger continued to hold whenever he tried to talk to her about it.

San Jose Sharks: We spent most of the time acting as a space broker for the other teams, which was pretty cool, as it gave us a rare chance to use the word ‘broker’ to the Sharks in a context other than answering the question “How could you be broke if you’ve spent the last few years betting on the Sharks to win games?” “

Vegas Golden Knights: We entered the deadline with some high picks to trade and only one goal in mind, apparently, since that’s all Mattias Janmark managed to score last month.

Tampa Bay Lightning: David Savard fills their biggest need ahead of the playoffs, in that he’s likely able to remind them to activate LTIR’s Nikita Kucherov the second the regular season is over.

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