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Michelin-starred chef Gaggan collaborates with Greyhound Cafe, Grab Food for lunchbox project


Gaggan Anand is no stranger to unusual collaboration. Today, the famous chef has partnered with a fashion and restaurant powerhouse, as well as the Grab Food delivery service.

The Lunch Box (and Dinner) project sees Gaggan entering the mass market for the first time, co-creating a menu of deliverables with Greyhound Cafe, the food wing of the fashion empire.

The menu offers boujee but accessible dishes such as multigrain khao tom with smoked foie gras (480 THB), choux de foie gras and chicken curry with truffle aioli (375 THB), chicken rigatoni tikka masala (290 THB) and “mangmisu” (235 THB).

Like all of Bangkok’s gastronomic pioneers, Gaggan’s business has been dramatically shaken over the past 14 months. As the restaurant is currently limited to 25% of its capacity, many restaurateurs have weighed the pros and cons of reopening. Some, like Tim Butler of Eat me, for example, have chosen to keep their restaurants closed for the time being.

Recently, Gaggan started serving a la carte dishes for the first time at his eponymous restaurant. Gaggan Anand, giving more Bangkok diners access to its award-winning cuisine than ever before. With this company, his food is arguably more accessible than ever.

The delivery campaign runs until June 30. Orders can be placed through the Grab Food delivery app.

Gaggan has also partnered with UNICEF to raise funds for India, which has been hit by an upsurge in Covid-19 infections. All funds will go to the purchase of medical supplies.


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