Malcolm Cecil. Photo courtesy of Malcolm Cecil Estate.

When Malcolm Cecil passed away last year, he left behind a rich musical legacy: TONTO’s Expanding Head Band, Stevie Wonder’s absolute classic 70s records that Cecil co-produced, and numerous collaborations with artists like Quincy Jones, The Isley Brothers, Stephen Stills, Jeff Beck, Ginger Baker, Minnie Riperton, Billy Preston and Gil Scott-Heron.

Next week, Wednesday November 10, the synths and recording gear that Cecil has used throughout his career will be available for sale on Reverb.

The official Malcolm Cecil Reverb store will feature nearly 100 items from his home studio – synthesizers, samplers, oscilloscopes and a loyal Conn Strobotuner – and ubiquitous pieces he brought on the road when he performed.

One of those traveling companions is a Dolby decibel meter. Cecil’s estate says he took “every event he could to gauge how noisy things could get at any given time. The ever-curious mind of a genius.”

Some of the historic instruments that will be for sale include a Synclavier II Cecil used in his collaborations with Gil Scott-Heron, alongside a Univox SR 120 drum machine, a Kurzweil K2000, a Hammond D-152 organ M. Steinert & Sons , and other equipment used during this period.

Other equipment you can find in the store include the first digital recorders from Tascam and Alesis ADAT, microphones from Coles and Shure, a Bedini Spatial Audio BSA-2000D and pedals from Mu-Tron, Electro-Harmonix, and more Again.

In 2014, the former synthesis statesman traveled to Moogfrest in Asheville, NC in his Cadillac and returned with a powerful collection of Moogerfoogers: an MF-101 low-pass filter, an MF -103 12-Stage Phaser and an MF-105M MIDI. MuRF, which are no longer in production at Moog.

You can pick up all of these Moogerfoogers, plus the rest of Cecil’s synths and gear when the official Malcolm Cecil Reverb store opens on November 10. Sign up with your email address above to be notified as soon as the store opens its virtual doors.

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