MANILA – Actress Kris Bernal turned to Grab Philippines for help after 23 incidents of false bookings arriving at her home over the weekend.

On Instagram, Bernal recounted separate arrivals of Grab delivery men over two days at his residence, with videos showing the confusion between the two sides.

Bernal mentioned a certain Jen Jen Manalo, whom she claims to be responsible for the bogus bookings. She also included the phone number the person used to book deliveries through Grab.

“I have no enemies and I have offended no one. I have no idea who did this and I don’t remember any incidents that triggered this. All I know is I haven’t done anything wrong with anyone to make me deserve this kind of treatment, ”Bernal wrote.

Beyond being a personal victim, the actress pointed out that the scam also took its toll on delivery people, who sometimes pay cash for a reserved item.

“What saddens me the most is that I am not the only one affected in this situation but also the drivers of Grab who were victims of false deliveries. I really hope there was even a little sympathy for the runners. They are the main victims here. I hope the person who did this will have some awareness, ”she said.

Bernal also alleged that the same person behind the bookings, whose voice can be heard in clips posted by the actress, had pretended before be his assistant to claim gift packages from companies.

In his posts, Bernal tagged Grab Philippines official accounts to help resolve the issue.

In a statement on Monday, Grab said he had already coordinated with Bernal and launched an investigation into the matter. He also blocked the cell phone that was used to reserve the items and reimbursed the passengers concerned.

“Grab has a zero tolerance policy on fraudulent activity. Upon learning of this incident, we immediately carried out our investigation and blocked the IMEI of the fraudster’s cell phone to prevent similar incidents from happening again in the future.

“We are also working closely with Ms. Kris Bernal on the matter, and we have reimbursed our delivery partners who fell prey to this fraudster,” the group said.

Grab also assured that he “will continue to expand cooperation with local authorities” in the investigation of the incident.

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