Running a marathon is not a walk in the park. Training for one person requires plan, time, commitment, determination, and the best equipment in the game. Although the 5k couch runner might put on an old pair of running shoes and be ready to go. Going away, there is no solid preparation for a 26.2 mile, whether it’s your first marathon or your next PB breaker. You need reliable running gear to go the distance.

Once you start logging serious training miles, you’ll want to be outfitted with running gear to keep the experience optimal, safe, and injury-free, from hydration packs and calorie-dense snacks to clothing. high performance and the right pair of shoes. What do you need to prepare for a marathon your way? Start with this essential list of undercarriages.

Best running gear to train for your first marathon

Asics Gel-Kayano 28 Training Shoes

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1. Asics Gel-Kayano 28 training shoes

While Asics offers a number of great options, the Gel Kayano 28 is our top pick in the larger footwear department, especially if you run big miles and battle injuries. A stable running shoe that offers extra support, the Gel Kayano features high-energy Blast FF cushioning, a low-profile heel that counterbalances your foot, a breathable mesh upper and Dynamic Duomax that increases stability. Designed for all-distance training on paved roads and trails, this shoe covers all the bases while remaining stylish and comfortable.


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Single shoe Asics MetaSpeed ​​Sky red and yellow

Asics MetaSpeed ​​Sky

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2. Asics MetaSpeed ​​Sky

If your goal is simply to complete a marathon, you will have no problem running it in your everyday sneakers. If the weather is more of a factor, a good pair of running shoes will make all the difference. There are many different brands that offer solid running shoes, but we prefer to be consistent with the brand that we wear for both training and running. The MetaSpeed ​​Sky features an energetic midsole foam and propellant carbon plate that combine to help you save energy while keeping a steady pace. Other thoughtful features include a technical mesh upper, a curved sole design, a grippy rubber outsole, and cushioning that improves compression and creates a responsive feel underfoot. The shoes are comfortable, incredibly light, and help propel you with every step.


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Green pair of Superfeet Run Comfort inserts

Superfeet Run comfort inserts

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3. Superfeet Run comfort inserts

As far as the undercarriage goes, it’s not the flashiest, but if you’re prone to injury, good inserts are crucial. Superfeet offers a variety of inserts, but our favorite is the Run Comfort sockliner, which features a deep heel cup, mid to high arch, impact technology pod in the heel, Evolyte carbon fiber stabilizer cap, Aerospring double comfort foam and long life. odor control. The entire combo works here to reduce foot fatigue while improving efficiency. Insoles usually take a few days to break in, so try using them on a few walks before diving deep into running workouts. In the long run, they will do wonders in helping you avoid injury.


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Two Camelbak Zephyr vests, one with bottle inserts and another with hydration bladder insert

Zéphyr Camelbak cardigan

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4. Camelbak Zephyr vest

When you’re doing a lot of miles, it’s essential to stay hydrated. Especially on trails without water points, you will need to bring your own ergonomic hiding place. Cue Camelbak Zephyr Vest. The vest includes two quick-grip bottles, a secure cell phone pocket, a built-in safety whistle and the ability to insert a hydration bladder. While running with a vest can be a bit boring, the Zephyr is incredibly light and designed with body mapping for maximum ventilation, providing breathability, comfort, and water.


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Pair of socks with Smartwool Athlete Edition Run Mountain print with black and dark blue base

Smartwool Athlete Edition Run Mountain Print Crew Socks

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5. Smartwool Athlete Edition Run Mountain Print Crew Socks

Until you invest in an optimal pair of running socks, you will never know what you are underestimating. Created in partnership with professional athlete Rob Krar, the Mountain Print Crew is everything you could want in a sock and more. The socks feature minimal and targeted sole pad, Achilles heel pad, ankle pad, mesh ventilation and ShredShield technology to reduce wear. Sporting a fun design, these socks are lightweight and breathable, keeping your feet cool, dry and blister-free during those high-mileage training days.


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Blue long sleeve shirt from the Patagonia Capilene Cool Apparel collection

Patagonia Capilene Cool Clothing

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6. Patagonia Capilene Cool Clothing

Patagonia’s Capilene Cool collection covers all your bases with t-shirts, tank tops, long sleeves and pants. Like most items at Patagonia, these Fairtrade-certified sewn garments are created with concern for the planet, made from 52-100% recycled polyester. The fabric is made from the lightest, quick-drying, moisture-wicking, odor-controlling technical material in Patagonia. Equally important, it is next level comfortable.

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Pair of running sunglasses Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL

Oakley Demi Jacket 2.0 XL

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7. Oakley 2.0 XL Half Jacket

Long runs in the sun require a sturdy pair of sunglasses. Designed for added comfort and functionality, the Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 Running Eyewear features a lightweight O Matter frame, Unobtainium ear pads and nose pads, and an interchangeable lens system. The glasses are available in polarized, iridium and photochromic options. Best of all, they fit well and stay put, so you can barely tell you’re wearing them.


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Headlamp BioLite 750 green and gray

BioLite 750 headlamp

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8. BioLite 750 headlamp

With all that life has in store for you, there just aren’t enough daylight hours to participate in all of your workouts. For those days when your only option is to log miles in the wee hours of the morning or at night, a lighthouse is essential. The BioLite 750 headlamp offers eight different modes, including two rear red light options so you can not only see but also be seen. The headlamp is lightweight and snug, so it’s comfortable to wear during those long, dark and demanding workouts.


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Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE Running Watch

Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE

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9. Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE

Aside from your shoes and the shirt on your back, a good watch is your most essential equipment. The Garmin Forerunner 945 does it all. It incorporates support, live tracking, event sharing, daily suggested workouts, training plans and a race predictor. It also tracks your recovery time, VO2 max, heart rate, and mileage, while letting you store everything on the compatible app. Having a watch that does it all allows you to plan your workout, stay in control, and neatly categorize all your data and workouts on one wrist.


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32 oz container of Gnarly Whey protein powder

Gnarled whey

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10. Knotty whey

When recording double-digit runs, it can be difficult to get enough calories and protein. Available in chocolate and vanilla, Gnarly Whey is derived from the milk of grass-fed cows without antibiotics and rBGH and provides healthy fats, omega-3 acids and 25 grams of protein per serving. Mix it into a smoothie after the run to reap the benefits of all of the essential nutrients it offers.

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