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There’s only one spot left for the quarterfinals of the TBS Championship tournament – and that is changing tonight. The Rabbit has been dangerous lately, not really with the Hardy Family Office, but more with Penelope Ford. That two-one-one advantage has proven hard to break even for veterans like Ruby Soho, so tonight when does Red Velvet step up? Does she even have a chance of reaching Jade Cargill’s next challenge?

Super Kliq is called up for a match at full speed by Christian Cage

Before that match and moments after CM Punk’s confirmation against Eddie Kingston for Full Gear, we heard from Christian Cage, Luchasarus and Jungle Boy. The Super Kliq were calling themselves badass – and Christian can’t see it. They’re good for sneak attacks, good for Cirque Du Soleil flips, but tough guys? Certainly not. That’s not what they are, the three men can agree on that.

That’s what they challenge the Super Kliq in a Six Falls Count Anywhere match at Full Gear. If you are talking to talk, you should be ready to walk. AEW fans know how tough the Young Bucks are, from their Steel Cage matchup with the Lucha Bros alone, but they’ll have to prove it once again as The Super Kliq debuts with AEW PPV – provided they ‘they are ready to accept such a match.

Red Velvet begins revenge tour through TBS tournament

Velvet would hit the ring with some fury, hitting a tea press and a few mounted punches. She remembers Bunny being crucial in a brass knuckles attack and was relentless tonight. A chunky-legged lariat would take Bunny down and out, where Velvet rushed in with another lariat. Jade Cargill was scouting around the ring, which ended up being a distraction for Velvet, who would be thrown headfirst into the steel steps.

Back in the ring, she would do a dropkick running around the corner. However, she was able to strike back and hit a Stunner for a count of two. The bunny would dodge a few kicks and grab the tights for a count of two. Death Valley Driver would land, getting another drop nearby. Velvet would counter Down The Rabbit’s Hole and clinch the final installment for victory.

A fast paced match, maximizing their time on this show – and now we have Jade Cargill vs. Red Velvet ready for the quarterfinals. They’ve clashed before and Jade crushed Velvet, will the result be the same? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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