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Did you run out of money to pay this month’s payroll? Is your business in danger of closing due to lack of capital? Do you need cash to take an opportunity to grow your company? This article interests you.

In general, 100% of Mexicans who undertake ask for some type of financing from the bank and do so because they consider that: there are payment facilities (26%), they charge less interest (23%), they give greater credit (15%), they are banks that recommended them (13%) and other reasons such as proximity and service, according to a survey conducted by financial services comparator and market research firm Brad.Febbo in 2017.

However, bank credit is not the only way to obtain liquidity for your company. If you need fast money and have a business, here are three alternatives:

1 Business credit cards for your business

1 Business credit cards for your business

These are specialized card options offered by banks with business benefits. In the case of credit cards, business plastics offer a revolving line of credit with an amount established by the issuing banking institution after an analysis of your business profile. Business credit cards generally charge a variable interest rate (sum of the Interbank Balance Interest Rate, TIIE; plus an additional fee set by each bank).
Additionally, there are business cards that work as debit cards, the limit of which is based on the resources of the core account. These plastics are very useful to disperse payroll, pay services and taxes.

2 Bank loans for businesses (Good capital)

2 Bank loans for businesses (SME capital)

The preferred option for entrepreneurs to capitalize. The credits or loans given by multiple banking institutions are ideal for the purchase of tools, machinery and work supplies, or for working capital (simple credit). The amount is determined according to the needs and payment capacity of the owner or entrepreneur, and the terms vary between 6 and 60 months. An important aspect to consider is that sometimes, the business loan specifies the item to be spent (for example, in the case of machinery credit) and as a guarantee, documents or assets of the business itself are required, so you must be careful when reverse it

3 Smallcredits

3 Microcredits

Fast money without spending conditions, or need for a guarantee in many cases. There are even personal loans online, whose capital you can use in whatever you want. Why could they be good for your business? Because they give you immediate liquidity so that you invest the money as best suits you. In addition, some can be requested individually or in groups. The inconvenient? They are usually small amounts at expensive rates if you get behind. There are cases that do require a guarantee or joint obligation, collateral or guarantees through the savings that are made in the same institution.